UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers For Arts

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University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT Post UTME Question and Amswer, 2021 can be download here in PDF. Ido EKiti SChool of Nursing exams past questions with appropriate answers can be gotten here.

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UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers For Arts

UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Art PDF Download 

University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT Post UTME Question and Answer is available for arts faculties as said earlier. This material has been compiled from previous question right from when uniport started post utme till date. Student should note that this material is not free of charge. The price for this material has been written before this post. See how to get material below.


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Sample of UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers For Arts

Below is a free version of the University of Port Harcourt past questions for Arts. You will be given full access to the complete material after payment.

Question one The disadvantage of one-party system is that it
A. makes accountability difficult
B. negates freedom of association
C. emphasize political difference
D. delays decision making

Question two Citizenship refers to the
A. indigenous member of a state
B. social status of a person in a state
C. highest position in a state
D. legal status of a member of a state

Question three The main function of public opinion is to
A. change the policy of government
B. provide direction for public policy
C. support the policy of government
D. indoctrinate the people

Question four A typical form of delegated legislation is
A. act of parliament
B. decree
C. bye-law
D. gazette

Question five One of the major sources of constitution is
A. judicial precedence
B. political debate
C. opinion poll
D. executive order

Question six Coalition government arises when
A. one of the parties has a majority in the parliament
B. no party has a majority in parliament
C. two or more party cooperate to pass a bill in parliament
D. the ruling party is defeated in parliament

Question seven The main attribute of a state are
A. population, territory, government and sovereignty
B. the press, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary
C. federal, state and local governments
D. government, the policy and the armed forces

Question eight Nigeria observed the principle of collective responsibility between
A. 1993 and 1999
B. 1985 and 1993
C. 1979 and 1983
D. 1960 and 1966

Question nine Under the presidential system of government, the legislature and the executive are
A. elected separately to a fixed term
B. elected separately to an unfixed term
C. appointment by the judiciary to a fixed term
D. appointed at the same time to an unfixed term

Question ten Federalism was introduced in Nigeria under the
A. Richards constitution
B. Lyttleton constitution
C. Macpherson constitution
D. Independence constitution


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