Lesson Note on History for JSS3 MS-WORD- PDF Download

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This lesson note (Lesson Note on History for JSS3 MS-WORD- PDF Download) covers all 3-terms and serves as a reference material to help teachers draw out their lesson plan easier, saving you valuable time to focus on the core job of teaching.It is delivered in PDF format or MS-Word format


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Lesson Note on History for JSS3 MS-WORD- PDF Download

Lesson Note on History for JSS3

Are you interested in getting Lesson Note on History JSS3? Here is the most concise compilation available online.

The Lesson note covers all the 3 terms in a session (1st term, 2nd term & 3rd term),and it is based on the latest NERDC / UBE Curriculum and applies to all Nigerian schools.




Week 1 – 4: Origin and Organisation of Trans-Saharan Trade.

  1. Origin and nature of Trans-Saharan Trade.
  2. Commodities traded during Trans-Saharan Trade:
  • Gold
  • Salt
  • Horse
  • Slaves
  • Ostrich feathers
  • Spices, etc.
  1. Trade routes during Trans-Saharan Trade:
  • Borno-Tripoli route
  • Kanem Borno –  Sudan route.
  • Kano- Fezzan route.
  1. Effects of Trans-Saharan Trade:
  • Introduction of international trade.
  • Introduction of the use of camels as a means of transportation.
  • Introduction of slave trade across the Saharan.
  • Introduction of Islam and Arabic language.

Encouraged interaction between North Africa and West Africa, etc.

Week 5 – 7: Origin and Organisation of Trans-Saharan Trade.

  1. Nature of early European contacts with Nigeria.
  2. Early Europeans that came to Nigeria:
  • European Explorers  (e.g Mungopark, H. Clapperton, Richard and John Lander (i.e. the Lander Brothers, etc.)
  1. Nature of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade:
  • Organisation
  • Impact
  • Abolition of Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.
  1. The Legitimate Trade (i.e the trade of Palm Oil).

Week 8 – 10: Revision

Week 11 – 12: Examination




Week 1 – 4 : British colonization of Nigeria Territories

  1. British contact with Nigeria:
  • As explorer
  • As traders
  • As missionaries
  1. How the British conquered Nigerian Territories:
  • Signing of treaties
  • Waging of wars.
  1. British system of colonialism:
  • Direct rule
  • Indirect rule.

Week 5 – 7: The Evolution of the Nigeria State.

  1. The Berlin Treaty:
  • Major reasons for the treaty.
  • Major features of the treaty
  1. The roles of the Royal Niger Company in Nigeria Territories.
  2. Colonial concept and administration of Nigeria territories.

Week 8 – 10: The Amalgamation of Nigeria

  1. Meaning of Amalgamation
  2. Reasons for the Amalgamation of Nigerian Territories.
  3. Key personalities and their roles in the Amalgamation of the Nigeria Territories:
  • Taubman Goldie.
  • Lord Laggards
  • The European Missionaries
  • Nigerian Traditional Rulers etc.

Week 11 – 12: Revision and Examination


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It is delivered in PDF format or MS-Word format

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