SSS1 Biology Video Lesson | Complete Session

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‘SS1 Biology Lesson | Complete Session’ is a must-have if you aim at building strong capacity in SSS (or SHS) 1 Biology topics. This tutorial provided in-depth coverage of SSS (or SHS) 1 Biology from First term to Third term.

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Introduction to SSS or SHS1 Biology (Complete ession)

Generally, Biology is known to be a thorn in the flesh for secondary or high school students especially in their SSS (or SHS) 1. Although fundamental and essential, because of its novelty, technicality and volume, many students perform poorly at this subject.

We have researched the common causes of poor performance in SSS 1 Biology. In this process, my team and I discovered the reasons for the poor performance and best methods for students to learn biology proactively. This tutorial is the result of this expenditure.


‘SS1 Biology Lesson | Complete Session’ is a must-have if you aim at building strong capacity in SSS (or SHS) 1 Biology topics. This tutorial provided in-depth coverage of SSS (or SHS) 1 Biology from First term to Third term.


The approach of this lecture is very simplistic, comprehensive and practical. This tutorial contains the complete provision of learning aids and materials that you need to facilitate your engagement and comprehension.

We have lots of exercise, QUIZZES, ASSIGNMENTS, to name a few. Provision for downloadable e-notes/textbooks has been made. As the classes are going on, you can download your materials to do follow along and to private study


Taking this tutorial, you success in SSS (or SHS) 1 Biology is guaranteed. Our lessons are already NERDC compliant. This means, it is the same model and content has those taken in schools and tutorial centres but with the EXTRA. The tutorial will directly prepare you for your school tests and examinations from first term to third term.

If you are looking to take WAEC, GCE, JAMB, NECO etc, this tutorial is one single package I will prescribe for you. The classes are simplistic and straight to the point. Every knowledge, tip and skills you need to excel in your examinations have been provided here.


It doesn’t matter how disinterested you have been in the subject, how long you take to understand, or how quickly you forget the information. Our teaching approach has made provisions to help you get the fun and comprehension out of biology. And of course, it has been enhanced to make you remember the concepts better. Some extra features embedded in our classes include:


  • Fun and tension-free learning atmosphere
  • Tips for quick recollection of conceptual facts
  • Linking of theoretical concepts to their real-world practical application
  • Hints on how to answer the questions WASSCE, NECO, etc accurately and acceptably


This course is a package of 24+ on-demand lecture videos. On a ONE-TIME PURCHASE, you get an ALL-YEAR ACCESS, to all your contents. Unlike class as usual, this affords you the privilege to go over the classes over and over until you fully grasp all the concepts. Even if you don’t need the tutorial immediately, you can purchase it and it will be kept fresh for you within your subscription period ?.


Take a view of few of the topics I have taken here;

  • Recognising Living Things
  • Living Things and Non-Living Things
  • Classification Of Living Things
  • Organisation of Life
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Nutrient Cycle in Nature
  • Nutrition in Animals
  • Modes of Nutrition
  • Growth
  • Basic Ecological Concept
  • Ecological Management
  • Tolerance
  • Pollution
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Reproduction
  • Micro-Organism Around Us
  • Concept of Culturing
  • Micro-Organism in Action
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs)
  • Population
  • Ecosystem …….etc

In this tutorial, ample time is taken to comprehensively explain each concept. Sample problems have also been provided, with thoroughly-guided solutions to help you build personal competence in each topic.


Support is provided with our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature. With this, you can easily interact with the instructor and other learners, should you need help, or desire to help others out.


This course has been worked and carefully designed to ensure that SSS 1 Biology becomes a walkthrough for both First time learners and those who already have a prior knowledge. Don’t delay, ENROL NOW!


Who This Course is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into SSS 1
  • Students who need better understanding of SSS 1 Biology topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from SSS 1 Topics
  • Biology enthusiasts seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of SSS 1 Biology.



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