SSS 2 – English Language Video Lesson First Term

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Introduction to SSS 2 English Language (First Term)

In many countries all over Africa and beyond, English Language is a very compulsory course for Secondary (or High) School students. Therefore, it is very important to build proper understanding of the every aspects of English Language. For simplicity sake the major aspects of English Language according to the NERDC syllabus are divided into: Comprehension, Composition, Lexis and Structure, Speech and Grammar. In this tutorial, we have made adequate to furnish learners with ingrained competence in all these aspects.


This tutorial is a complete and essential course package. In our delivery of the lessons, we aim at furnishing you with a personal, practical understanding of the many theoretical concepts; and provide also a standard, widely acceptable explanation of the topics to directly prepare you for school exams, WASSCE, NECO etc.


In this tutorial, we consider learners of various exposure, academic background and experience. Ample time has been taken to explicitly explain the topics in a simplistic, yet comprehensive approach.


Whether you are new to SSS (or SHS) 2 English Language, are preparing for an examination, need a quick revision, or you desire to understand SSS (or SHS) 2 English Language topics better, this course is for you!


This tutorial is a compilation of 8+ on-demand video classes. Essential downloadable e-notes/textbooks are provided for you to download to follow the lesson, and even to examine after the tutorial. We have also provided sufficient examples, exercises, QUIZZES and ASSIGNMENTS as you follow the lessons.


Skoodemy provides also you with an UNRESTRICTED 1-YEAR ACCESS after a one-time purchase. Unlike the conventional class, here, you can always revisit lessons for revision whenever you need to.


The topics treated in this tutorial comply with the NERDC Scheme of Work for SSS 2 First term English Language, stated;

  • Parts of Speech
  • Pure Vowels, Articles and Writing Skills
  • Conjunctions, Formal Letter and Poetry.
  • Word Stress, Punctuation and Speech Writing
  • Word Forms, Informal Letter and Writing Exposition
  • Diphthongs, Determiners and Writing Skills
  • Consonant, Sentence and Vocabulary Development
  • Nominalization and Skill Focus (Paraphrasing a Poem)
  • Complex Sentences
  • Unstressed Vowels


Support is available on enrolment, in case you need further live help with any aspect of the lesson. Using our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature, you will be able to chat directly with the instructor and also other learners.


This tutorial is a holistic solution package. It will help you build enough competence in SSS 2 First Term English Language to be able to excel in examinations and also pass the knowledge down to others.


Who This Tutorial is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into SSS 2 First Term
  • Students who need better understanding of SSS 2 First Term topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from SSS 2 First Term Topics
  • English Language enthusiast seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of SSS 2 First Term English Language.



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