SSS 1 Mathematics Video Lesson Second Term

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Do you want build your competence in Mathematics? You are on track. Our lessons are informatevely created to serve as a preparatory and revisional asset towards your school exams, national competitions, National Papers like WASSCE, JAMB, NECO and GCE. As seen in our physical tutorials and bootcamps, our technique has produced many students with outstanding results in WASSCE, JAMB, JUPEB, GCE and NECO.

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Introduction to SSS 1 Mathematics (Second Term)

Mathematics is very essential to the success of any student regardless of the department or prospective career. The importance of giving due diligence to ensuring foundational competence in SSS (or SHS) Mathematics cannot therefore not be be over-emphasized. It has been repeatedly reported how students fail horribly at both school and national papers like WASSCE. On research it was discovered that about 75% of the reasons for the poor performance of students in this subject is connected to poor foundational learning and outdated teaching methods.


In this tutorial, our lecture style has been synthesized to efficiently combact these factors, an produce mathematics champions out of you, our students.

A few key features included in this lesson are;

  • Instructional materials like Large Graphs, Maths Sets etc to help you follow along
  • Encouraging, empathic and fun atmosphere to stimulate your interest and ensure your participation.
  • Comprehensive explanation of each concept.
  • Provision of adequate class activities, examples, exercises, quiz tests and assignments to help you build competence and confidence
  • Practical tips to help them remember the topics and concepts in exams etc


Being NERDC-compliant, our lessons are tailored to serve as a preparatory and revisional asset towards your school exams, national competitions, National Papers like WASSCE, NECO and GCE. Proven through our physical tutorials and boot camps, our technique produces students with outstanding results in WASSCE, JAMB, JUPEB, GCE and NECO. You are in safe hands.


You really have nothing to fear. We have made provision for real-time support. Should you need further help or clarification on any topic, you may contact us with the ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature. We will be more than glad to help you out. You also stand to benefit from the huge community of learners. The ‘Q & A’ forum affords you that opportunity. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this offer!


I have not mentioned, on a single purchase, you get an UNRESTRICTED 1-YEAR ACCESS to your classes. You will be able to access the lessons anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like within your validity period! You also get a FREE access whenever we update the contents of this tutorial within your validity period. That’s ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGE at no marginal cost!


We ensure that you get the best value for your money. The Lessons are tailored according to the standard used in schools and tutorial centers all over the country. After completion of the course, you will not necessarily need any additional class to ace your exams.


The topics we have covered in this tutorial are according to the NERDC Scheme of Work. These are stated:

  • Logarithm
  • Quadratic Equation by Factorization and Completing the Square Method
  • General Form of Quadratic Equation Leading to Formula Method
  • Solution of Quadratic Equation by Graphical Method
  • Idea of Sets
  • Complement of a Set
  • Circle and its Properties
  • Trigonometric Ratio
  • Application of Sine, Cosine and Tangent


Ample time has been taken to comprehensively explain each conceptDetailed stepwise solutions have also been provided to help you follow along.

PS: This tutorial is fully certified. On completion, you get your certificate.


Who This Tutorial is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into SSS (or SHS) 1 Second Term.
  • Students who need better understanding of SSS (or SHS) 1 Second Term topics.
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics.
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from SSS (or SHS) 1 Second Term Topics.
  • Mathematics enthusiasts/lovers seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of SSS (or SHS) 1 Second Term Mathematics.


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