SSS 1 Government Video Lesson | Complete Session

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This tutorial highlights all core aspects of SSS 1 Third Term Government. It gives a thorough explication and elaboration of SSS 1 Third Term Government.

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Introduction to SSS1 Goverment (Complete Session)

Master Government NOW!

Government holds an important stake in the success of students in arts/humanities department of Secondary (or High) Schools all over Africa. Its essentiality often goes far to influence the students’ performance and competence in their future professional spheres many a time.

Poor foundational knowledge and wrong perception the subject often lead government students to perform not-so-good in examinations, especially in their early classes.


SSS (or SHS) 1 Government Complete Session tutorial seeks to expose you to vital areas of the subject for SSS (or SHS) 1. As part of its essential features, this Complete Session tutorial will help you have the right and fun perception of the subject.


Enrolling in this tutorial, you will not have to further bother yourself about passing school tests, examinations or even needing further preparation to take JAMB, GCE, WAEC and NECO. In delivering our classes, we have use NERDC-standard terms and definition. This tutorial covers ALL the TOPICS included in the NERDC Scheme of Work from the First Term to the Third Term. And it gives in-depth elaboration of each.


Each of the classes are packed with lots of examples, exercises, QUIZZES and even ASSIGNMENTS. This will both ensure that you become competent in each concept and also help you retain the knowledge of what was taught.


Get ready to learn SSS (or SHS) 1 Government with fun, like never before. From the Independence, to the amalgamation to the national civil war, to historical amendments of the Nigerian constitution; we have package this Complete Session tutorial with lots of fun and exciting stories. Even if you don’t remember everything said, like they say, “stories will stick better”!


You need not worry, being NERDC-compliant, after taking this tutorial from first to third term, you will be ready and competent enough to take and excel in your examinations. You won’t necessarily need any additional class!


Just in case you need any help while taking this tutorial, you have the instructor virtually by you. Using the ‘Q and A’ online discussion feature within the tutorial you can always reach me. Your fellow government students will be also online, available for chat. This tutorial promises to be fun.


On a single purchase, all the contents of this tutorial will be available to you for 12 MONTHS! You can visit the class anytime and as much as you need to get grounded in the concepts.


A few of the topics covered within this tutorial include;

  • Meaning and Scope Government
  • The State and its Features
  • Basic Concepts of Government
  • Legitimacy and Sovereignty
  • Democracy
  • Communism, Socialism and Capitalism
  • Types and Characteristics of Government
  • Communalism, Feudalism ,Fascism
  • Presidential System of Government
  • Monarchy, Republican and Military Forms of Government
  • Constitution and Constitutionalism
  • Structure and Organisation of Government
  • Basic Principles of Government
  • Representative Government
  • Delegated Legislation
  • Citizenship
  • Ways of Losing Citizenship
  • Political Parties
  • Party System
  • Pressure Groups …..etc


Each of these Lessons have been thoroughly examined and dealt with. Don’t miss this offer, ENROL NOW!


Who This Tutorial is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into SSS 1
  • Students who need better understanding of SSS 1 topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from SSS 1 Topics
  • Government enthusiast seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of SSS 1 Government.


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