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August 2023 updated Saro Africa  test past questions & answers comprise of actual past questions with worked answers and explanations.

The tests are first conducted online (by Saro Africa via Moodle and verified at a test center. We’ve included all the tests in this study pack. Next Saro Africa  Aptitude Test happening soon!

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Saro Africa test past questions and answers

Saro Africa past questions and answers

Saro Africa past questions and answers comprise of actual past questions with worked answers and explanations.

This Saro Africa test past questions & answers was designed to give your preparation the needed boost by exposing you to the actual tests as they have appeared in the past, at both the online tests and the physical assessments.

Saro Africa test Format:

Saro Africa test is an online test conducted by Saro Africa. It features games, case scenarios and simulations with numbers and shapes which tests your reasoning ability.

This study pack presents both test formats in a logical and structured manner.

What are the Test Sections to expect?

Saro Africa test usually cover the follow areas:-

  • Maths/ Numerical reasoning
  • English / Verbal reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning Ability

However, a few adjustments to this format is not unlikely, although no change has happened recently. For 2022, the third section is current affairs instead of logical.

Time Allowed on Saro Africa Aptitude Test?

Time allowed could be anywhere between 40 to 60 questions. Averagely 50 questions are expected to appear on the test. For 2022, You have 15 Questions to attempt, and you have 15 minutes to complete it.

Mode of Conduct of Saro Africa Test?

The Test is usually conducted either online or offline. From 2018 – 2020, The test has been conducted online.


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Sample Saro Africa Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and answers

  • Sample 2021 Saro Africa Aptitude Test
  1. Find (7x + 4y )/(x-2y) if x/2y = 3/2
    A. 26
    B. 18
    C. 17
    D. 25
    E. Data insufficient
    Given x/2y = 3/2
    ⇒ x=3y
    Substituting x=3y in the given equation (7x+4y)/(x-2y)
    ⇒ (7x+4y)/(x-2y) = (7×3y+4y)/(3y-2y)
    = (21y+4y)/y
    = 25

2. A man was engaged on a job for 30 days on the condition that he would get a wage of Rs. 10
for the day he works, but he have to pay a fine of Rs. 2 for each day of his absence. If he gets Rs.
216 at the end, he was absent for work for days?
A. 7
B. 9
C. 8
D. 6
E. E

Let the man work for x days
So, money earned: 10x – 2(30 – x)
Equating this to 216, we get:
10x – 60 + 2x = 216
⇒ 12x = 276
⇒ x = 23
So, the man was absent for 30 – 23 = 7 days

3. Given following sequence, find the next term in the series:
0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 12, 20, 16, __
A. 20
B. 24
C. 18
D. 30
E. None of these

Above series is a combination of two series where terms of both the series are
placed in alternate fashion.
Series-1 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and so on…
In this series every term is 4 greater than its previous term.
Series-2 2, 6, 12, 20, 30…
If we look at this series then we can find out that,
6 = 2 + 4
12 = 6 + 6
20 = 12 + 8
30 = 20 + 10
So, next term will be 30.


Select the correct plural form for the given word:
A. Mice
B. Mouses
C. Mices
D. Mouese
E. None of the Above

The plural of ‘mouse’ is ‘mice’. One can’t always apply the rule of adding an ‘s’ to
change singular to plural. Some nouns have different (irregular) plural forms.
child – children
woman – women
man – men
mouse – mice
goose – geese

  • Sample 2022 Saro Africa Aptitude Test

Question 6
Carey and Skylar’s constant bickering dismayed their mother, who had grown weary of their……a.procrastinations

Question 7
A man buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss?

Question 8
The first military Head of State of Nigeria was
a.Gen. Herbert Macaulay
b.Gen. Yakubu Gowon
c.Gen. Murtala Mohammed
d.Engr Balarimu Samurai
e.Gen. Aguyi Ironsi


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