Primary 4 Social Study Video Lesson | Complete Session

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This Complete Session tutorial will help you learn social studies in a revolutionary way. If you are a pupil, a parent or you are a teacher seeking materials and better methods to help your pupils learn, you have arrived the right Lesson.

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Introduction to Primary 4 Social Study (Complete Session)

Build Competence in Social Studies!

Social Studies is a foundational subject. It is essential for the basic knowledge of students, regardless of the aspired department. Apart from the academic use, it is a very practical subject. Thorough knowledge of it helps pupils to have a deep understanding of the social world around us. They learn our culture and value system, how to interact well among their peers and other age groups, history, accepted and illegal activities in the community etc. All of these help to build a healthy lifestyle for the child.


Many learners, parents or teacher often regarded Social studies as a very simple and basic subject. As such, they fail to see the urgent need to strong competence in this subject at very early stage.

We believe that the competence of the child in classroom activities and examinations is also very vital. In this tutorial, we have catered for all that also.


This Complete Session tutorial will help you learn social studies in a revolutionary way. If you are a pupil, a parent or you are a teacher seeking materials and better methods to help your pupils learn, you have arrived the right Lesson.


This tutorial contains 24+ on-demand lesson video classes. Downloadable e-notes/textbooks are also provided. You may download them to your device to follow the classes or to even study personally to prepare for examinations.

This tutorial is school online. My teaching approach is gentle, patient and exciting. You are very certain to enjoy the classes. I have provided sample examination questions, exercises, QUIZZES and ASSIGNMENTS for you. Hurray!!! As you go through this lecture and you probably take the quizzes, you will find out that social studies has always been fun and easy


On completing this lesson, your certificate will be ready for you to grab. It will bear your name and attest that you enrolled in this Lesson.

The classes contained here follow the NERDC Scheme of Work. This means that after taking these classes, you won’t need necessarily additional classes to perform excellently in your examination. The classes are short, straight to the point and easy-to-follow. Anywhere and everywhere you go, the classroom will always be one click away!


Once you buy this tutorial, you will have access to all the classes and materials contained within for an unrestricted period of 1 YEAR. This will afford you the chance to go over the classes over and over, if you need to. What’s more? when we add any additional class within the period of you subscription, you will get access to the class and its contents for FREE.


A lot awaits you in class. When you come in, you will find the ‘Q and A’ online discussion feature. If you have any commendation or complaints, you can always reach out to me. I’ll attend to you. You will also find many of your mates in class; you can chat with them, know their names and just have fun!

This tutorial package is one of the best, most attended, comprehensive and practical online lessons. And it’s very affordable. It is HIGH VALUE and LOW COST


You might want to take a look at few of the topics I have treated here, to see for yourself:

  • Living in the Family
  • Relationship of some the Members of the Family
  • Marriage
  • Marriage Problems and Solution
  • Our Culture -Elements of Culture
  • Why People Have Different Culture
  • Ways of Cultural Preservation
  • Our Religion
  • Religion Practice
  • Similarities and Aspect of Religion
  • Respect for Other Beliefs and Tradition
  • Meaning and Types of Citizenship
  • Rights of Citizen
  • The Concept of Government
  • The Concept of Local Government
  • Problems of Local Government and Solutions to the Problems
  • Concept of State Government
  • Cooperation and Benefits of Cooperation Between State and Local Government
  • Division of Labour in Agricultural Industries
  • Why Division of Labour is Important in Agricultural Industries
  • Meaning and Types of Banks and Savings
  • Employment and Problem of Unemployment
  • Natural Resources
  • Employment
  • Wages and Income Distribution
  • Communication
  • Forms of Accidents
  • Factors which Encourage Abuse Drugs
  • Substance Abuse and Their Health and Socio-Economic Effects
  • Substance Abuse and Their Health and Socio-Economic Effects ll
  • Characteristics of Drug Abuser ,their Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Prevention of Drug Abuse
  • Pollution
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Advantages of Modern Farming
  • Agencies that Promotes Social Well being of the Youth


In this tutorial lesson, ample time is taken to comprehensively explain each concept. Detailed answers have also been provided to the examples and exercises, to help you follow along. HURRY UP AND ENROL while it is at this price. Don’t miss out!


Who This Tutorial lesson is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into Primary 4
  • Students who need better understanding of Primary 4 Social Studies topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from Primary 4 Topics


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