Nestle Nigeria Internship Test past questions and answers- PDF Download

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updated past questions & answers for Nestle Nigeria Internship Test. Gain the needed confidence to pass the test faster and easier. Next Nestle Nigeria Internship Test happening soon!

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Nestle Nigeria Internship Test past questions and answers

Nestle Nigeria Internship Test past questions and answers is what you need to pass the Nestle Nigeria Internship test. It comes with worked questions, answers, solutions and explanations.

In this study pack, you will gain the needed confidence to write and pass the Nestle Nigeria Internship test.

The Nestle Nigeria Internship Test covers the following areas

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning and
  • Abstract Reasoning

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Sample questions on Nestle Nigeria Internship

  1. Statistic is not concerned with scientific methods for collecting, summarizing,
    presenting and analyzing data as well as with drawing valid conclusions and making
    reasonable decisions on the basis of analysis. True or False?
  2. A variable that can theoretically assume any value between two given values is called
    (a) Constant
    (b) Discrete
    (c) Continuous
    (d) Inductive
  3. The phase of statistics dealing with conclusions under which such inference is valid
    is called what?
    (a) Deductive statistics
    (b) Descriptive statistics
    (c) Inductive statistics
    (d) Probability Statistics
  4. The phase of statistics that seeks only to describe and analyses a given group
    without drawing any conclusion inferences about a larger group is called what?
    (a) Deductive statistics
    (b) Probability Statistics
    (c) Inductive statistics
    (d) Non-Probability Statistics
  5. A more convenient way of writing numbers using powers of 10 as in the case of
    864,000,000 into two decimal places is
    (a) 8.64 × 108
    (b) 8.64 × 107
    (c) 0.864 × 109
    (d) 0.0864 × 1010


  1. False.
  2. Discrete value B
  3. Deductive statistics A
  4. Inductive Statistics C
  5. 864,000,000 (more the point to the right until you have the last number 8.64
    × 108 A 6. 2 – 1 =???????? = 1 D


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