Lesson Note on C.R.S for JSS1 MS-WORD- PDF Download

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This lesson note covers all 3-terms and serves as a reference material to help teachers draw out their lesson plan easier, saving you valuable time to focus on the core job of teaching.

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Lesson Note on C.R.S for JSS1

Are you interested in getting Lesson Note on C.R.S for JSS1? Here is the most concise compilation available online.

The Lesson note covers all the 3 terms in a session (1st term, 2nd term & 3rd term),and it is based on the latest NERDC / UBE Curriculum and applies to all Nigerian schools.

Table of Content


Week 1          Topic: The Sovereignty of God

Week 2          Topic: Attributes of God

Week 3          Topic: The Creation

Week 4          Topic: Evolution

Week 5          Topic: God’s Revelation of Himself

Week 6          Topic: Man’s Power in Creation

Week 7          Topic: The Destiny of Man in God’s Creation

Week 8          Topic: The Dignity of Man in God’s Creation

Week 9          Topic:  The Books of the Bible

Week 10        Topic: Marriage

Week 11        Topic: Problems in Marriage E.G. Divorce

Week 12        Topic: Disobedience: First Disobedience

Week 13        Topic: Consequences of Disobedience – King Saul

Week 14        Topic: Reconciliation and The Laws of Christ


Week 1          Topic: Call to Service

Week 2          Topic: Joseph responded to call to serve

Week 3          Topic: The call of Moses

Week 4          Topic: The call of Joshua to service

Week 5          Topic: Call to Obedience – Abraham’s Obedience to GOD’s Call

Week 6          Topic: Relationship in the family

Week 7           Topic: Relationship in the school community

Week 8          Topic: Relationship in the church


Week 1          Topic: Revision of Last Term’s Work

Week 2          Topic: Call To Freedom

Week 3          Topic: Political Freedom For The Isrealites

Week 4          Topic: Deborah and Barak Lead Their People to Freedom

Week 5 & 6   Topic: Eminent Nigerians Obtain Freedom for Their People

Week 7          Topic: A Call to Repentance

Week 8          Topic: A Call to Repentance (II)

Week 9          Topic: Living in a Community Under God’s Law

Week 10        Topic: God’s Law in the Old Testament

Week 11        Topic: God’s Law in the New Testament

Week 12        Topic: Revision and Examination

Who should Get our Lesson Note on C.R.S for JSS1?

The purpose of this book  is to help teachers draw out their lesson plan easily. Students will also find it helpful as a study note (eNote) for study pupose.

It is delivered in PDF format or MS-Word format, depending on your choice.

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    Give me the attributes of God

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    Give me!

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    It’s a beautiful piece put together! Thank you so much for your response!

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    This document is very good and excellent.

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    an excellent guide for creating effective lesson plans. Nice one guys

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    The Lesson note is fully loaded. Thank you for the great job you are doing.

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    Helpful and easy to edit

  8. [email protected]

    Good quality.

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