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Download Imo State SUBEB Recruitment Past Questions and Answers – 2024 Updated

Are you preparing for the highly competitive IMSU State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) exams? Look no further! Our IMSU SUBEB Past Questions and Answers is your comprehensive study companion that guarantees exam success.

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What to Expect in Imo SUBEB Aptitude Test

  • The exam questions will be answered on the computer so you must at least know how to use keyboard and mouse
  • The 30 questions will be answered in 30 minutes
  • The questions to expect in IMSUBEB test are current affair and teaching profession related questions.
  • The test is going to be 3o questions mostly derived from current affair, English, Verbal Reason and Quantitative Reason

Sample Questions and Answers for IMSU SUBEB Aptitude Test

English Language:
1. Sample Question: Identify the correct spelling:
a) Convinience
b) Convenience
c) Convinence
d) Conveniance

2. Which of the following is a compound sentence?
a) The cat meowed.
b) The cat meowed, and the dog barked.
c) The cat meowed loudly.
d) The cat and the dog played.

3. Identify the correct plural form of “child”:
a) childs
b) childen
c) children
d) child’s

1. Sample Question: Solve for x: 2x + 5 = 15
a) x = 5
b) x = 10
c) x = 7.5
d) x = 6

2. What is the value of “x” in the equation 3x + 8 = 26?
a) 6
b) 6.5
c) 7
d) 7.5

3. Which of the following is equivalent to 0.75?
a) 75%
b) 0.0075
c) 7.5%
d) 750%

General Knowledge:
1. Sample Question: What is the capital city of Imo State?
a) Lagos
b) Abuja
c) Owerri
d) Port Harcourt

2. Which planet is known as the “Red Planet”?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Jupiter
d) Saturn

3. Who wrote the famous play “Romeo and Juliet”?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Jane Austen
c) Mark Twain
d) Charles Dickens

Current Affairs:
1. Sample Question: When did Nigeria gain independence?
a) 1960
b) 1957
c) 1963
d) 1970

2. Who is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
a) Boris Johnson
b) Theresa May
c) David Cameron
d) Tony Blair

3. When did Nigeria celebrate its 60th Independence Anniversary?
a) 2010
b) 2019
c) 2020
d) 2021

Verbal Reasoning:
1. Sample Question: Which word does not belong in the group?
a) Apple
b) Banana
c) Orange
d) Mango

2. Which word does NOT belong in the group?
a) Apple
b) Banana
c) Carrot
d) Mango

3. Rearrange the letters to form a meaningful word: “TREAP”
a) Pear
b) Tape
c) Part
d) Tear

Quantitative Reasoning:
1. Sample Question: If a car travels 50 km in 2 hours, what is its speed in km/h?
a) 20 km/h
b) 25 km/h
c) 30 km/h
d) 35 km/h

2. What is the square root of 144?
a) 12
b) 16
c) 10
d) 14

3. If a shirt costs $30 after a 20% discount, what was its original price?
a) $24
b) $36
c) $28
d) $32

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