Schlumberger Job Aptitude test Past questions- . Updated

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This study pack will guide you into the best preparation strategy and help you pass Schlumberger Job Aptitude tests. Though this copy is specifically for field specialists position, it also applies to other graduate positions as well. The test is in 5 sections:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics/Electrical
  • Physics/Chemical
  • General knowledge questions.

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Schlumberger Job Aptitude test  Past questions

This study pack (Schlumberger Job Aptitude test  Past questions) will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the test.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Schlumberger Aptitude Test 2024

Q: Can I take the test on my phone?
A: We strongly advise against using your phone for the test. Using your phone can result in your test
being terminated when calls or SMS come in during the test as this can be considered suspicious
activities (see the question on suspicious activities for more details).

Q: Can I take the test more than once?
A: You are only allowed to take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, it is only your
score from the first attempt that will be recorded.

Q: Is the test timed?
A: Yes. All tests have a time duration in which they must be completed. Once the duration is
reached, the test will be terminated, and your score recorded and submitted.


Q: What if I mistakenly end the test before I am done?
A: Once a test is submitted or closed, it will be assumed that the test has been completed and


Q: Would I be allowed to retake the test if my test automatically ended because of network or
internet issues?
A: No, you would not be allowed to retake the test. You are advised to make sure you have quality
internet service to avoid this.


Q: Would I be allowed to use the calculator on my system for the test for mathematical questions?
A: Opening another app on your device while taking the test is considered an unusual behaviour so
we advise you have a physical calculator for the test.


Q: My test just ended. I don’t know what happened. What should I do?
A: Your test can be terminated for several reasons – internet connection, suspicious behaviour, or test
time elapsed.
Please ensure you have good and reliable internet before starting the examination to prevent
termination due to poor internet connection.
If you perform five (5) suspicious activities, your test will be terminated. Every time a suspicious
activity is noticed, you will get a warning. By the fifth (5th) warning, your test will be terminated.


Q: What are suspicious activities?
A: Your test will be terminated if you perform five (5) suspicious activities. The following activities are
considered suspicious activities /unusual behaviour:
˗ Minimizing the browser.
˗ Resizing the browser.
˗ Opening a new tab.
˗ Opening a new program.
˗ Take a screenshot. (Desktop)
˗ Pressing Ctrl + C.
˗ Pressing Ctrl + V.
˗ Pressing Print Screen.
˗ Pressing F12.

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Sample  Questions for Schlumberger job Aptitude Test


Question:Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to “Eloquent”:
A Inarticulate
B Fluent
C Reserved
D Vague
Answer:B Fluent

Question:Select the word that is the opposite in meaning to “Cautious”:
A Bold
B Careful
C Reckless
D Prudent
Answer:C Reckless

Question:Identify the synonym for the word “Meticulous”:
A Careless
B Sloppy
C Precise
D Inaccurate
Answer:C Precise

Question:Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “Her singing was so beautiful that it __________ the entire audience.”
A Captivated
B Annoyed
C Bored
D Frustrated
Answer:A Captivated

Question: Which word does not belong with the others?
A Apple
B Banana
C Orange
D Carrot
Answer:D Carrot

Question: Identify the antonym for the word “Confident”:
A Unsure
B Arrogant
C Assertive
D Positive
Answer: A Unsure

Question: Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to “Diligent”:
A Lazy
B Neglectful
C Industrious
D Careless
Answer: C Industrious

Question: Which word is the odd one out?
A Square
B Circle
C Triangle
D Rectangle
Answer:B Circle

Question:Complete the sentence: “The novel’s plot was so __________ that it kept me engaged until the very end.”
A Predictable
B Boring
C Compelling
D Dull
Answer:C Compelling

Question: Identify the word that correctly completes the analogy: Cat is to Meow as Dog is to __________.
A Bark
B Purr
C Hiss
D Roar
Answer: A Bark

Question: Choose the word that does not belong with the others:
A Violin
B Trumpet
C Flute
D Carrot
Answer: D Carrot

Question: Identify the word that is most opposite in meaning to “Generous”:
A Stingy
B Giving
C Altruistic
D Kind
Answer:A Stingy

Question: Complete the sentence: “Her speech was so __________ that the audience was left speechless.”
A Boring
B Unimpressive
C Engaging
D Mediocre
Answer:C Engaging

Question: Which word is an example of an animal?
A Table
B Tree
C Cat
D Book
Answer:C Cat

Question: Identify the synonym for the word “Voracious”:
A Indifferent
B Hungry
C Full
D Small
Answer: B Hungry


Question:If a jacket costs $120 and its price is increased by 25%, what will be the new price?
A $130
B $140
C $150
D $160
Answer:C $150

Question: A company’s revenue for the first quarter was $800,000. If this represents a 20% increase from the previous quarter, what was the revenue for the previous quarter?
(A) $600,000
(B) $640,000
(C) $680,000
(D) $720,000
Answer:B $640,000

Question:A container holds 500 liters of water. If 30% of the water is removed, how many liters of water remain?
A 150 liters
B 250 liters
C 350 liters
D 450 liters
Answer:C 350 liters

Question:The price of a smartphone decreased by 15% from $400. What is the new price?
A $320
B $340
C $360
D $380
Answer:A $320

Question:A car travels 240 miles on 12 gallons of gasoline. What is the car’s miles-per-gallon (MPG) rate?
A 15 MPG
B 18 MPG
C 20 MPG
D 24 MPG
Answer:D 24 MPG

Question: If the cost of 5 books is $75, what is the cost of 12 books at the same price?
A $140
B $180
C $200
D $220
Answer:B $180

Question:A shop sells a shirt at a 30% discount. If the original price was $50, what is the discounted price?
A $15
B $25
C $30
D $35
Answer:A $25

Question:If a train travels at a speed of 80 miles per hour, how far will it travel in 2.5 hours?
A 180 miles
B 200 miles
C 220 miles
D 250 miles
Answer:C 220 miles

Question:The price of a stock increased by 10% on Monday and decreased by 5% on Tuesday. If the initial price was $100, what is the price after Tuesday?
A $95
B $97.50
C $99
D $100.50
Answer:B $97.50

Question: If the area of a square garden is 144 square meters, what is the length of one side of the square?
A 9 meters
B 10 meters
C 12 meters
D 14 meters
Answer:C 12 meters

Question:A store offers a 20% discount on all items. If a customer buys a $60 item, how much will they pay after the discount?
A $40
B $44
C $48
D $52
Answer:B $44

Question: If a recipe requires 2/3 cup of sugar and the entire recipe is doubled, how much sugar will be needed?
A 1/3 cup
B 2/3 cup
C 1 cup
D 1 1/3 cups
Answer:D 1 1/3 cups

Question:A swimming pool is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. What is its total perimeter?
A 80 meters
B 100 meters
C 120 meters
D 160 meters
Answer:C 120 meters

Question: If a package of pens contains 24 pens and costs $12, what is the cost per pen?
A $0.25
B $0.40
C $0.50
D $0.75
Answer:A $0.25

Question: The population of a city increased from 80,000 to 100,000 in a year. What is the percentage increase?
A 10%
B 20%
C 25%
D 30%
Answer:B 20%

Section I: English Part I
Questions on “Black Gold.” Write brief answers no more than 2 sentences

  1. For what was oil first used?
    Oil was initially used in burning lamps.
  2. What is the purpose of the mud during the drilling operation?
    It is used to control the well, lubricate the drill bit, and carry away rock particles.
  3. What usually happens to the oil once it is brought to the surface?
    It is pumped through pipelines to a refinery.
  4. Name three of the environments where we look for oil.
    The jungle, the desert, and the sea.
  5. What is “Black Gold” and why is it given this name?
    Black gold is oil. It is given this name because it is a precious commodity. It is a
    valuable natural resource with limited supply
  1. If you _, we wouldn’t have missed the train.
    A. didn’t come late
    B. wouldn’t have been late
    C. hadn’t been late
    D. were not late
  2. The manager __ here at 4 p.m.
    A. is supposing to arrive
    B. is supposed to arrive
    C. will suppose to arrive
    D. is supposed to be arrived
  3. Due to the devaluation, many people have become rich, but many others
    A. ruined
    B. have been ruined
    C. have ruined
    D. would have ruined
  4. The man has been hospitalized since yesterday __.
    A. because his serious wound
    B. because of his serious wound
    C. because of his seriously wound
    D. because his wound seriously
  5. Your suggestion, _ , is beneficial to both the company and the employees.
    A. Different than his
    B. as well as he
    C. as he is
    D. like his
  6. Many people __ for six hours without stopping.
    A. can’t stand for doing a test
    B. can’t stand to be doing a test
    C. can’t stand doing a test
    D. can’t stand a test to be done
  7. I don’t know __.
    A. where is your pen
    B. where your pen is
    C. where your is pen
    D. where is the pen of yours
  1. What is the force in pounds exerted upwards on a piston with a diameter of 4
    inches if a gauge indicates the internal pressure in the cylinder is 1000 psi?
    A. 4000 lbs B. 250 lbs C. 50,266 lbs D. 12,566 lbs
  2. What is the weight in kilograms of a string of pipe that is 11,500 ft long and
    weighs .33 pounds per inch?
    A. 1,725 kg B. 20,700 kg C. 45,540 kg D. 3795 kg
  3. How much time in minutes will it take a car driving at 90 km/hr to travel 27
    A. 3.3 minutes B. 2430 minutes C. 18 minutes D. 0.3 minutes
    Questions 10 – 15 refer to the following:
    A tank is a vertical cylinder with inside diameter of 6ft and a height of 15ft:
  4. What is the volume of liquid in cubic feet if we fill the tank to one foot high?
    A. 28.27 ft3 B. 18.8 ft3 C. 113.1 ft3 D. 424.1 ft3
  5. What is the total volume of the tank in cubic feet?
    A. 1686.5 ft3 B. 442.5 ft3 C. 424.1 ft3 D. 847.5 ft3
  6. What is the volume of water in cubic ft in the tank if a measure stick indicates
    the water surface is 6 feet below the top of the tank?
    A. 170.2 ft3 B. 254.4 ft3 C. 1017.9 ft3 D. 678.6 ft3
  7. What is the weight in pounds of the tank, as in the above case, if the tank
    itself weighs 20 lbs per ft of height?
    A. 63,424 lbs B. 42,241 lbs C. 16,151 lbs D. 10,605 lbs
  8. How much water in gallons would have to be removed to reduce the total
    weight of the tank plus water, as in the above case, by 20%?
    A. 388 gals B. 3,230 gals C. 2,121 gals D. 626 gals


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