Delta State Civil Service Practice Past Question And Answers

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Delta State Civil Service Practice Past Question And Answers

Have you applied and also got shortlisted for Delta state civil service Aptitude Test?
If yes, Here are Delta state civil service Practice Past Questions and Answers to prepare for the Aptitude Test. Practicing with purpose is one of the keys to scoring your best in this Delta state civil service Test. This ebook will help you prepare faster using actual questions from previous year’s exam and help you score higher.

Delta State Civil Service Exam Format:

Delta State Civic Service Exam is based on:

  • Mathematics,
  • English Language
  • General paper/ Current Affairs

Free Sample Delta State Civil service Practice Questions and Answers

1.The arithmetic mean of all possible outcomes is known as
(A) expected value
(B) critical value
(C) variance
(D) standard deviation

Answer: A

Expectation (or expected value) is the arithmetic mean of all possible outcomes of a random variable.

2. Which of the following cannot be the value of a correlation coefficient?
(A) –1
(B) –0.75
(C) 0
(D) 1.2

Answer: D

The value of a correlation coefficient is always between –1 and 1, including –1 and 1.

3. Var (X) = ?
(A) E[X2] (B) E[X2] – E[X] (C) E[X2] + E[X]2
(D) E[X2] – E[X]2

Answer: D

By definition, Var (X) = E[X2] – E[X]2

4. Var (X + Y) = ?
(A) E[X/Y] + E[Y] (B) E[Y/X] + E[X] (C) Var(X) + Var(Y) + 2 Cov(X, Y)
(D) Var(X) + Var(Y) – 2 Cov(X, Y)

Answer: C

By definition, Var (X + Y) = Var(X) + Var(Y) + 2 Cov(X, Y)

5. What is variance of the data set: 2, 10, 1, 9, and 3?
(A) 15.5
(B) 17.5
(C) 5.5
(D) 7.5

Answer: B

First calculate the mean
Benue state civil service Past questions and answersNow calculate the variance,Benue state civil service Past questions and answers


1. Tunde and Tania went shopping, but __________ couldn’t find anything __________ liked.
(A) they, those
(B) they, them
(C) those, they
(D) they, they

The answer is: (D)

2. Nuclear energy is __________ dangerous to be used widely.
(A) so
(B) such
(C) too
(D) that

The answer is: (C)

3. If I have money, I __________ it tomorrow.
(A) will purchase
(B) would purchase
(C) have purchase
(D) have purchased

The answer is: (A)

4. Cannon had __________ unique qualities _________ it was used widely in ancient times.
(A) such, that
(B) such, so
(C) that, since
(D) that, that

The answer is: (A)


1. The oldest news agency in the world is

The answer is: (A)

2. AFP is a renowned news agency of which country?
(A) Switzerland
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) Sweden

The answer is: (B)

3. How many electoral votes are required in the US presidential elections to become president of the United States?
(A) 250
(B) 270
(C) 350
(D) 370

The answer is: (B)

4. Currently, the largest economy in the world is the economy of
(A) China
(B) Russia
(C) Germany
(D) United States

The answer is: (D)

5. Which state of the United States shares marine border with Russia?
(A) Florida
(B) Hawaii
(C) Georgia
(D) Alaska

The answer is: (D)


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Delta State Civil Service Test

Q: Can I take the test on my phone?
A: We strongly advise against using your phone for the test. Using your phone can result in your test
being terminated when calls or SMS come in during the test as this can be considered suspicious
activities (see the question on suspicious activities for more details).

Q: Can I take the test more than once?
A: You are only allowed to take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, it is only your
score from the first attempt that will be recorded.

Q: Is the test timed?
A: Yes. All tests have a time duration in which they must be completed. Once the duration is
reached, the test will be terminated, and your score recorded and submitted.

Q: What if I mistakenly end the test before I am done?
A: Once a test is submitted or closed, it will be assumed that the test has been completed and


Q: Would I be allowed to retake the test if my test automatically ended because of network or
Internet issues?
A: No, you would not be allowed to retake the test. You are advised to make sure you have quality
Internet service to avoid this

Q: Would I be allowed to use the calculator on my system for the test for mathematical questions?
A: Opening another app on your device while taking the test is considered an unusual behavior so
we advise you have a physical calculator for the test.

Q: My test just ended. I don’t know what happened. What should I do?
A: Your test can be terminated for several reasons – internet connection, suspicious behaviour, or test
time elapsed.
Please ensure you have good and reliable internet before starting the examination to prevent
termination due to poor internet connection.
If you perform five (5) suspicious activities, your test will be terminated. Every time a suspicious
activity is noticed, you will get a warning. By the fifth (5th) warning, your test will be terminated.

Q: What are suspicious activities?
A: Your test will be terminated if you perform five (5) suspicious activities. The following activities are
considered suspicious activities /unusual behavior:
˗ Minimizing the browser.
˗ Resizing the browser.
˗ Opening a new tab.
˗ Opening a new program.
˗ Take a screenshot. (Desktop)
˗ Pressing Ctrl + C.
˗ Pressing Ctrl + V.
˗ Pressing Print Screen.
˗ Pressing F12.

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