ANAN Past Questions and Answers (All course)

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Download our compiled ANAN past questions and solved answers for previous years. ANAN (Association of National Accountant of Nigeria) exams past questions covers all courses. Read more details in the description section below. All the ANAN materials will be delivered instantly to your email box after payment.



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ANAN Past Questions and Answers

ANAN Past Questions and Answers (All course) – 2024 Updated

To validate your Accounting degree in Nigeria, you need to be a member of a professional body like ANAN by writing ANAN  exam.

The Association of National Accountant of Nigeria ANAN exam is quite competitive and for every paper failed, you have to resit.

This entails that you repay the exam fees every time.

What other way to pass the exam than to purchase and study our ANAN past questions and answers.

The ANAN past questions and answers will not just give you an insight into how the exam is set up, it also gives a preview of the questions you’ll most likely encounter in the actual exam.

Nature of ANAN Exam

The ANAN exam is in two categories: College examination and Resit examination.

College Examination is in two streams: Professional Examination PEA and PEB.

For PEA, we have courses which comprise of:

  • Information Systems and Technology for Business
  • Finance and Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Auditing and Assurance Services
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Environmental, Oil and Gas Accounting
  • Professional Values and Ethics in Accounting

Why Should You Get a Copy of ANAN Past Questions and Answers?

A copy of our ANAN past questions and answers will give you an avenue for self-assessment which is required for adequate preparation for the exam.

Likewise, you’d gain self-confidence as regards the exam because you’ll have an idea of the questions to expect.

Moreso, the ANAN past questions and answers also have a marking scheme that will equip you with question answering techniques.

If you can thoroughly study this our ANAN past questions and answers which you’ll purchase, the exam will be a smooth sail.

Sample Questions on ANAN Past Questions and Answers

Question 1:
Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the given word:
A. Scarce
B. Excessive
C. Plentiful
D. Ample
Answer: A. Scarce

Question 2:
Choose the word that best completes the analogy:
Pencil : Write :: Knife : ?
A. Cut
B. Cook
C. Eat
D. Chop
Answer: A. Cut

Question 3:
Identify the synonym of the following word:
A. Fluent
B. Silent
C. Confused
D. Rude
Answer: A. Fluent

Question 4:
Choose the word that does not belong in the group:
A. Apple
B. Banana
C. Orange
D. Carrot
Answer: D. Carrot

Question 5:
Rearrange the following words to form a meaningful sentence:
wonderful / a / vacation / had / they / in / Europe
A. They had a vacation in Europe wonderful.
B. They had wonderful a vacation in Europe.
C. They had a wonderful vacation in Europe.
D. Europe had a wonderful vacation they in.
Answer: C. They had a wonderful vacation in Europe.

Question 6:
Which of the following is an antonym for “Generous”?
A. Kind
B. Selfish
C. Grateful
D. Humble
Answer: B. Selfish

Question 7:
Identify the correct analogy:
Teacher : Classroom :: Chef : ?
A. Restaurant
B. Oven
C. Food
D. Recipe
Answer: A. Restaurant

Question 8:
Choose the word that best fits the blank:
His lack of preparation for the exam resulted in a(n) ______ performance.
A. Exceptional
B. Mediocre
C. Outstanding
D. Excellent
Answer: B. Mediocre

Question 9:
Find the correct synonym for “Cautious”:
A. Brave
B. Reckless
C. Careful
D. Adventurous
Answer: C. Careful

Question 10:
Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the given word:
A. Malevolent
B. Hostile
C. Kind-hearted
D. Malicious
Answer: C. Kind-hearted

Question 1:
If a shirt costs ₦1,500 and its price is increased by 20%, what is the new price?
A. ₦1,700
B. ₦1,800
C. ₦1,900
D. ₦2,000
Answer: B. ₦1,800

Question 2:
If a car travels 240 kilometers in 3 hours, what is its average speed in kilometers per hour?
A. 60 km/h
B. 80 km/h
C. 120 km/h
D. 160 km/h
Answer: B. 80 km/h

Question 3:
The sum of two consecutive even integers is 52. What are the integers?
A. 24, 28
B. 26, 28
C. 28, 30
D. 30, 32
Answer: A. 24, 28

Question 4:
If the area of a square is 81 square meters, what is the length of one side?
A. 6 meters
B. 9 meters
C. 12 meters
D. 15 meters
Answer: B. 9 meters

Question 5:
If a product is sold for ₦600 with a profit of 20%, what was the cost price?
A. ₦480
B. ₦500
C. ₦520
D. ₦550
Answer: C. ₦520

Question 6:
A company’s profit in the first quarter was ₦30,000, and in the second quarter, it was ₦40,000. What was the percentage increase in profit from the first quarter to the second quarter?
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 25%
D. 33.33%
Answer: B. 20%

Question 7:
If the perimeter of a rectangle is 36 meters and its length is twice its width, what are the dimensions of the rectangle?
A. Length = 6m, Width = 12m
B. Length = 8m, Width = 10m
C. Length = 9m, Width = 9m
D. Length = 10m, Width = 8m
Answer: B. Length = 8m, Width = 10m

Question 8:
If a box contains 36 red balls and 54 blue balls, what is the ratio of red balls to blue balls in its simplest form?
A. 2:3
B. 3:2
C. 4:5
D. 5:4
Answer: A. 2:3

Question 9:
The cost of 1 liter of milk is ₦120. What is the cost of 3.5 liters of milk?
A. ₦380
B. ₦400
C. ₦420
D. ₦450
Answer: D. ₦450

Question 10:
If a shirt is initially priced at ₦2,000 and is discounted by 15%, what is the final sale price?
A. ₦1,700
B. ₦1,800
C. ₦1,850
D. ₦2,150
Answer: C. ₦1,850

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