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2024 updated past questions & answers for AIICO INSURANCE Aptitude Test. To be moved to the interview stages of AIICO recruitment, candidates are required to pass the aptitude tests. Here’s a collection of official AIICO PLC past questions pack 2024 updated guide your preparation and help you  master typically repeated test questions from previous exams. Next AIICO Insurance Aptitude Test happening soon!

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AIICO Insurance Past Questions and Answers pack



AIICO Insurance Past Questions and Answers

Our Exclusive AIICO Insurance Past Questions and Answers study pack  will help you prepare faster for recruitment test into AIICO insurance. The study pack comes with worked questions, answers, and indepth explanations on how to solve the questions.

About AIICO Insurance:

Our Exclusive AIICO Insurance Past Questions and Answers study pack  will help you prepare faster for recruitment test into AIICO insurance. The study pack comes with worked questions, answers, and indepth explanations on how to solve the questions.

UPDATED AIICO Insurance Graduate Trainee Programme 2024 – Recruitment Process

Stage 1: Cognitive Ability Test
Format: Online Test
Duration: 60 Minutes
Details: The Test will include areas such as Numerical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning, and Cognitive ability tests.

Stage 2: Extempore Session
Eligibility: Only candidates who excel in the Cognitive Ability Test will be invited.
Format: Virtual Session
Duration: 5 Minutes
Details: This serves as the second level assessment. This session is a simple performance validation/ oral interview test.

Stage 3: Assessment Centre Invitation
Eligibility: Candidates who progress beyond the Extempore stage.

Important Notes

  • Ensure your contact information is up-to-date to receive all communications without delay.
  • Prepare adequately for each stage of the recruitment process to increase your chances of success.

For any inquiries or issues, contact AIICO Insurance’s HR department promptly.

Sample Questions and Answers for AIICO Insurance Past Questions and Answers pack


1. In how many ways can a delegation of 3 be chosen from among 5 men and 3 women, if at least one man and at least one woman must be included?
A. 15
B. 28
C. 30
D. 45
Answer: D
No of ways of choosing 1 man, 2 women = 5C1 x 3C2
No of ways of choosing 2 men, 1 woman = 5C2 x 3C1
Summing, => (5C1 x 3C2) + (5C2 x 3C1) = 15 + 30 = 45

2. Evaluate 21.05347 – 1.6324 x 0.43 to 3 decimal places
A. 20.980
B. 20.351
C. 20.981
D. 20.352
Answer: D
Hint: Use BODMAS, in other words, do multiplication of the second and the last first before subtracting value obtained from the first.

3. A car dealer bought a second-hand car for N250,000 and spent N70,000 refurbishing it. He then sold the car for N400,000. What is the percentage gain?
A. 60%
B. 32%
C. 25%
D. 20%
Answer: C
Total cost = N(250,000 + 70,000) = N320,000
Selling price = N400,000 (given)
Gain = SP – CP = N(400,000 – 320,000) = N80,000
Gain % = gain/CP x 100 = (80,000/320,000) x 100
Gain % = 25%

4. Find the principal which amounts to N5,500 at a simple interest in 5 years at 2% per annum.
A. N4,900
B. N5,000
C. N4,700
D. N4,800
Answer: B
Principal, P = Amount, A – Interest, I.
A = P + I
I = (P.T.R)/100 = (P x 5 x 2)/100 = 10P/100 = P/10
But A = P + I,
=> 5500 = P + (P/10)
=> 55000 = 10P + P
=> 55000 = 11P
Thus P = 55000/11 = N5,000

5. Find the integral values of x and y satisfying the inequality 3y + 5x ≤ 15, given that y > 0, y < 3 and x > 0.
A. (1,1), (1,2), (1,3)
B. (1,1), (2,1), (1,3)
C. (1,1), (3,1), (2,2)
D. (1,1), (1,2), (2,1)
Answer: D
Hint: Sketch the inequality graph for the 3 conditions given and read out your points from the co-ordinates.



1. They spent the evening ______ through forty years of accumulated junk.
(A) sulking
(B) sifting
(C) combine
(D) screening
Answer (B)

2. The factory was in a _____ conditions and needed restoration work before anything could be initiated.
(A) depreciated
(B) inundated
(C) deterioration
(D) dilapidated
Answer: (D)

3: It was __________ earthquake.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) None
Answer: b)

4: She will be ____________ doctor.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) None of these
Answer:: a)

5: Which of the following sentence is correct:
a) Such a long queues!
b) Such the long queues!
c) Such long queues!
d) Such a longs queues!
Answer: c)



  • 50 Questions – 60minutes (on most occassion)

AIICO PLC Test format has not changed in the last 5-years, although questions do change. This study pack will help you prepare faster, and guarantee your success at the test.

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If you need further support, send an email to [email protected] or Call 09054281818 / 09096701000.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about AIICO Insurance test 2024

Q: Can I take the test on my phone?
A: We strongly advise against using your phone for the test. Using your phone can result in your test
being terminated when calls or SMS come in during the test as this can be considered suspicious
activities (see the question on suspicious activities for more details).

Q: Can I take the test more than once?
A: You are only allowed to take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, it is only your
score from the first attempt that will be recorded.

Q: Is the test timed?
A: Yes. All tests have a time duration in which they must be completed. Once the duration is
reached, the test will be terminated, and your score recorded and submitted.


Q: What if I mistakenly end the test before I am done?
A: Once a test is submitted or closed, it will be assumed that the test has been completed and


Q: Would I be allowed to retake the test if my test automatically ended because of network or
internet issues?
A: No, you would not be allowed to retake the test. You are advised to make sure you have quality
internet service to avoid this.


Q: Would I be allowed to use the calculator on my system for the test for mathematical questions?
A: Opening another app on your device while taking the test is considered an unusual behaviour so
we advise you have a physical calculator for the test.


Q: My test just ended. I don’t know what happened. What should I do?
A: Your test can be terminated for several reasons – internet connection, suspicious behaviour, or test
time elapsed.
Please ensure you have good and reliable internet before starting the examination to prevent
termination due to poor internet connection.
If you perform five (5) suspicious activities, your test will be terminated. Every time a suspicious
activity is noticed, you will get a warning. By the fifth (5th) warning, your test will be terminated.


Q: What are suspicious activities?
A: Your test will be terminated if you perform five (5) suspicious activities. The following activities are
considered suspicious activities /unusual behaviour:
˗ Minimizing the browser.
˗ Resizing the browser.
˗ Opening a new tab.
˗ Opening a new program.
˗ Take a screenshot. (Desktop)
˗ Pressing Ctrl + C.
˗ Pressing Ctrl + V.
˗ Pressing Print Screen.
˗ Pressing F12.

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