Agricultural Development Bank Test Past Questions and Answers

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Get the latest Agricultural Development Bank Test Past Questions & Answers for 2023 online/center assessments. The pack contains well explained and in-depth guide on how to solve the questions using actual samples from previous exams including screenshots of past tests.

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Agricultural Development  Bank Test Past Questions & Answers 2022

Agricultural Development Bank Test Past Questions & Answers 2024

Agricultural Development Bank Test Past Questions & Answers 2024 is your best preparation material for the Aptitude test. It contains well explained and in-depth guide on how to solve the aptitude test questions using actual Questions.

Learn how to effectively solve the questions and confidently select the correct answers during your test…

About Agricultural Development Bank

Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Limited is a universal bank offering a full range of banking products and services in Consumer, Corporate, Parastatals/Public Sector, SME, Agriculture, Trade and E-Banking services. Its business focus is universal banking with a developmental focus on Agriculture and more.

Company’s Vision

To be the People’s bank, harnessing the transformational power of agribusiness for wealth creation.

Company’s Mission

Growing a strong customer-centric bank, providing profitable and diversified financial services for a sustained contribution to agricultural development and wealth creation.


General format for Agricultural Development Bank Test

This  jobs test questions kit follows the Face of Testing E-recruiter questioning style and pulls questions from these areas:

Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning’
Logical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Inductive/Deductive Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning
Question 1:
In a farming project, 150 acres of land were cultivated with wheat. If the average yield per acre is 250 kg, what is the total yield?
A) 25,000 kg
B) 37,500 kg
C) 15,000 kg
D) 62,500 kg

Question 2:
A tractor can plow a field in 6 hours. If two tractors work together on the same field, how long will it take to plow the field?
A) 3 hours
B) 4 hours
C) 2 hours
D) 5 hours

Question 3:
If the cost of planting 1 acre of corn is $200 and a farmer planted 5 acres, what was the total cost of planting?
A) $1000
B) $150
C) $100
D) $500

Question 4:
Agricultural output increased by 15% from one year to the next. If the output in the first year was 800 tons, what was the output in the second year?
A) 920 tons
B) 680 tons
C) 760 tons
D) 830 tons

Question 5:
The ratio of sheep to cows on a farm is 3:5. If there are 72 sheep, how many cows are there?
A) 90 cows
B) 48 cows
C) 120 cows
D) 36 cows

Question 6:
A farmer bought 120 sacks of fertilizer, each weighing 50 kg. What is the total weight of all the sacks?
A) 5000 kg
B) 6000 kg
C) 4000 kg
D) 3000 kg

Question 7:
A field of crops covers an area of 2500 square meters. If each square meter yields 2 kg of produce, what is the total yield from the field?
A) 5000 kg
B) 6250 kg
C) 3750 kg
D) 3000 kg

Question 8:
Agricultural land is divided into three plots, with areas in the ratio 4:5:6. If the total area is 150 acres, what is the area of the largest plot?
A) 60 acres
B) 50 acres
C) 45 acres
D) 75 acres

Question 9:
A farmer sold 80% of his apple harvest, which was 1200 kg. How many kilograms of apples did he have left?
A) 960 kg
B) 1440 kg
C) 1020 kg
D) 240 kg

Question 10:
The price of a bag of rice increased by 20%. If the original price was $40, what is the new price?
A) $48
B) $36
C) $44
D) $42

Question 1:
Which term best describes the process of using natural organisms, such as bacteria or fungi, to improve soil fertility and crop production?
A) Pesticide
B) Biotechnology
C) Genetic Engineering
D) Biofertilizer

Question 2:
What is the scientific study of soil and its properties, classification, and management called?
A) Agronomy
B) Entomology
C) Pedology
D) Horticulture

Question 3:
Which of the following is a sustainable farming practice that involves planting a variety of crops in the same area to promote biodiversity and reduce the risk of crop failure?
A) Monoculture
B) Polyculture
C) Hydroponics
D) Aeroponics

Question 4:
What term refers to the cultivation of aquatic organisms, such as fish and plants, in controlled environments?
A) Aquaponics
B) Hydroponics
C) Agroforestry
D) Apiculture

Question 5:
Which agricultural practice involves rotating crops in a specific sequence to enhance soil fertility and control pests and diseases?
A) Intercropping
B) Monoculture
C) Crop Rotation
D) Seed Dispersal

Question 6:
What is the science of raising and caring for domesticated animals, such as livestock and poultry?
A) Animal Husbandry
B) Floriculture
C) Silviculture
D) Ichthyology

Question 7:
What term describes the process of using controlled fires to clear land for agriculture or to promote new plant growth?
A) Irrigation
B) Deforestation
C) Slash-and-burn
D) Desertification

Question 8:
Which of the following is a method of pest control that involves introducing natural predators to reduce pest populations?
A) Fertilization
B) Herbicide
C) Biological Control
D) Pesticide

Question 9:
What is the practice of cultivating crops and raising livestock in a way that conserves natural resources and minimizes environmental impact?
A) Conventional Farming
B) Subsistence Farming
C) Organic Farming
D) Sustainable Agriculture

Question 10:
Which term refers to the process of collecting and storing rainwater to be used for irrigation and other agricultural purposes?
A) Desalination
B) Erosion
C) Rainwater Harvesting
D) Transpiration

Question 1:
If the average yield of corn per acre increased by 20% after implementing a new irrigation system, what would be the effect on overall corn production?
A) Decrease
B) No Change
C) Increase
D) Cannot be determined

Question 2:
Agricultural research shows that a certain type of crop grows best in loamy soil. Based on this information, what soil type would be ideal for cultivating this crop?
A) Sandy Soil
B) Clay Soil
C) Loamy Soil
D) Rocky Soil

Question 3:
A farmer noticed that the yield of a particular crop increased every time ladybugs were introduced to the fields. What role do ladybugs most likely play in this situation?
A) Pollinators
B) Soil Aeration
C) Pest Predators
D) Nitrogen Fixers

Question 4:
In a study comparing the growth of crops using traditional fertilizer versus organic compost, it was found that the organic compost produced significantly larger yields. What conclusion can be drawn from this study?
A) Traditional fertilizer is better for crop growth.
B) Organic compost is better for crop growth.
C) Crop growth is not affected by fertilizers.
D) Both fertilizers have the same effect on crop growth.

Question 5:
Agricultural experts recommend planting cover crops during the off-season to prevent soil erosion and improve soil fertility. What is the primary purpose of cover crops in this context?
A) Enhance Pest Control
B) Increase Crop Yield
C) Prevent Soil Erosion
D) Provide Shade to Soil

Question 6:
If the population of a certain pest insect increases in an agricultural area, what would be the most effective method to control its population growth?
A) Introducing Natural Predators
B) Applying Chemical Pesticides
C) Reducing Irrigation Frequency
D) Increasing Crop Density

Question 7:
Farmers have noticed a decline in the health of their livestock due to a lack of essential minerals in their diet. Which course of action is most reasonable to address this issue?
A) Implementing a Vaccination Program
B) Providing Regular Exercise
C) Offering Nutritional Supplements
D) Reducing Grazing Time

Question 8:
In an agroforestry system, trees are planted along with crops to provide shade, prevent soil erosion, and promote biodiversity. What is the main advantage of this approach?
A) Decreased Crop Yield
B) Increased Water Usage
C) Soil Depletion
D) Environmental Sustainability

Question 9:
Agricultural experts predict that due to climate change, certain crops will become less viable in certain regions. What is the most appropriate response to this prediction?
A) Increase the Cultivation of Those Crops
B) Continue as Normal
C) Diversify Crop Selection
D) Rely More on Imported Crops

Question 10:
A farming community decides to implement a crop rotation system to improve soil health. Which benefit is most likely to result from this practice?
A) Increased Pesticide Usage
B) Soil Depletion
C) Monoculture
D) Enhanced Nutrient Levels

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