Edo State Civil Service Past Questions and Answer

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Invited for a Job Aptitude Test at Edo State Civil Service? Learn what to expect in the test, and prepare faster with this 2023 updated past questions and answers.  It is a complete study pack to help you master typically repeated aptitude test questions for the graduate entry role at Edo State Civil Service. Practice with actual past question papers and improve your chance of landing the job.

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Civil Service Commission

Edo State Civil Service Test Past Questions and Answers – 2024

This study pack will help you prepare faster for your best performance in the job selection aptitude test. To perform your best, a crucial part of your preparation tactics is to practice previous years’ papers. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty, and ultimately, help you create your best preparation strategy and guarantee success.

The test sections include:

  1. Quantitative reasoning questions (MATHS)
  2. Verbal Reasoning (ENGLISH)
  3. General knowledge/ Current affairs.

About Edo State Civil Service

The State Civil Service Commission is one of the State Executive Bodies established by Section 197 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). The Commission is vested with the responsibilities of treating matters concerning the State Civil Service with respect to Appointments, Promotions, Discipline, Confirmation of Appointments, Transfers, Retirements, Petitions and Other related matters. These powers are derived from Part II to the Third Schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended). The Civil Service Commission provides quality manpower to drive the Policies of Government into concrete realities.

Merits of Having or Preparing with Edo State Civil Service Past Questions

As a prerequisite for adequate preparation, the Edo State Civil Service screening past questions is mandatory but most importantly, the merits below are achievable through this material.

  • Having foresight of what the screening questions look like.
  • Understanding the marking scheme and question pattern.
  • Self-assessment, through this material you will discover your area of weakness and strength then improve on it.
  • This material contains answers which will help you learn at the same time.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted.

Free Sample of Edo State Civil Service Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers


1. Simplify log6 + log2 – log12.
A. -4
B. -1
C. 0
D. 8
E. 10

2. The interior angles of a pentagon are (2x+5) 0, (x+20) 0, x0, (3x-20)0 and (x+15) 0. Find the value of x?
A. 80o
B. 700
C. 650
D. 400
E. 300

3. A train travels 60km in M minutes. If its average speed is 400Km per hour, find the value of M.
A. 15
B. 12
C. 10
D. 9
E. 7

4. A baker used 40% of a 50kg bag of flour. If 1/ 8 of the amount used was cake, how many kilograms of flour was used for the cake?
A. 2 1/ 2
B. 61/ 4
C. 155/ 8
D. 171/ 2
E. 191/ 3

5. . Find the average of the first four prime numbers greater than 10.
A. 20
B. 19
C. 17
D. 15
E. 13

Ifeyinwa found that thieves had entered her house in her absence. She went to the police to report the……..
a. b
b. breakup
c. break in
d. breakthrough
e. breaking

2. Gone are the days when he…….enjoy patronage
a. would
b. will
c. could
d. used to
e. can

3. All ………….well will Peter
a. are not
b. have not been
c. were not
d. is not
e. aren’t

4. The villagers looked………..their leader for good examples
a. up to
b. on to
c. up at
d. forward t o
e. into

5. Emeka failed because the examination was……..difficult for him.
a. so
b. very
c. highly
d. too
e. much

1. Who was the first governor of Central Bank of Nigeria?
A. A.A. Mai-Bornu
B. Dr.
C. Isong
C. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
D. Charlse Soludo

2. The House of Representatives is many up of how many members
A. 108
B. 774
C. 360
D. 180

3. What is the full meaning of NUPENG?
A. National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas
B. Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Native Gasoline
C. National Union of Petroleum and Gas Workers
D. Nigerian Union Palm Products and Natural Groundnuts

4. When was the naira notes introduced to replace the British pounds?
A. 1927
C. 1973
D. 1963


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