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UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers

University of Ilorin UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. To download UNILORIN Post UTME Past questions and answers read through this article. University of Ilorin aptitude test past questions.

The University of Ilorin comprehensive post utme or aptitude test past questions and answers can be downloaded on this page

UNILORIN Post UTME past questions includes current affairs, Use of English and other departmental subjects. Prospective candidates of University of Ilorin are advice to get this material to aide them prepare well.

Passing aptitude test has never been easy, this is because candidates that fail lacks the appropriate materials to use for preparation.

Overtime admitted students of University of Ilorin have testified how helpful our UNILORIN post utme past questions and answers has been.

Reasons for Getting UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions

Definitely, there a pushing force that prompted you to search the net about UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions but just in case you’re not sure below are unavoidable reasons why every prospective candidates of University of Ilorin should get the aptitude test past questions and answers.

  1. To boost your self-assurance
  2. It will help you ascertain if your current level of preparation is good
  3. You will help you discover other secret things about the exams
  4. As a prospective candidate, you will get to know the marking scheme of University of Ilorin
  5. Off course questions often repeat and you will know area of focus
  6. Your attempt to solve the questions will help you keep to time
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Sample of UNILOIRN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

A pin is placed at the bottom of a beaker 80mm high and completely filled with petrol, when viewed from the top, the pin appears to be at a depth of 60mm, what is the refractive index of the petrol?
A. 1.80
B. 1.50
C. 1.33

What is the speed of a car that travelled 840km in 7 hours?

  • 7km/hr
  • 120km/hr
  • 940km/hr
  • 110km/hr
  • 130km/hr

What type of vegetation are you likely to find at the northernmost parts of Nigeria?

  • Guinea savannah
  • Sudan savannah
  • Mangrove forest
  • Sahel savannah

In Anwar ul Islam girls School Lagos there are five hundred pupils, if there are one thousand five hundred pupils in St. Anthony Secondary School Ilorin. What is the ratio of the pupils in the Ilorin school to that of the Lagos school?

  • one to two
  • three to one
  • three to two
  • five to four

What is a fringe benefit?

  • a benefit derived from a job in addition to remuneration
  • the edge a brilliant person has
  • an advantage that looks small but which is in-fact big
  • a benefit that will make u smile

A quantity of food would last a family of five for twenty – one days. How long would the same quantity last a family of seven if all of them eat at the same rate?

  • 12 days
  • 20 days
  • 15 days
  • 29 days

Mr. Gorila bought a Bens Jeep last month and agreed to pay in two installments, In June he paid three hundred and thirty naira, which amount to two – third of the cost price. He is to pay the rest at the end of August. How much is he intending to pay as the balance?

  • N110
  • N495
  • N165
  • N220



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