SHL Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book – Updated


Practice SHL Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep book is essential to landing the job of your choice. This practice pack is tailored to help you get a feel of actual SHL verbal reasoning assessments, and score higher. You will also receive important information about these tests as well as actual solved tests from real test scenarios. The prep book essentially contains:

  • Real and relevant SHL-style verbal aptitude questions
  • Substantial and simplified answers with  explanations
  • Tips and tricks on effective practice strategies

This book is just all you need to pass that SHL-style verbal reasoning test excellently! What You’ll Get:

  • 12 Practice tests adapted from past exams.
  • 590 Worked answers and step explanations
  • Lifetime offline access, guaranteed success.
  • Exclusive Testpremier online community access, questions/answer forum.
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This resource is 100% quality checked!


SHL Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book is the right study material for you. It covers recent and extensive questions, solutions and practice questions to aid your study.

Why should I practice with this material?

The SHL Verbal reasoning test is a crucial and important part of the recruitment process. It is used in screening candidates for many kinds of jobs. This is why at testpremier, we offer you a comprehensive and complete verbal reasoning test pack which is what you need to pass the test. This Prep book will help you prepare real quick. It will also help increase your accuracy and speed in answering all SHL-style verbal reasoning tests. Want to get his study material? Click “add to basket now.

About the SHL verbal reasoning Aptitude Test

Employers use SHL verbal reasoning tests to obtain a clear, objective measure of how well someone is likely to perform in a role that requires verbal reasoning skills. SHL verbal tests generally take two forms: verbal reasoning and verbal comprehension.

Test Format The test format involves reading a passage of text and deciding, based on the information in the passage, whether a series of statements are either true, false, or not possible to say without further information. The important thing for candidates to bear in mind with this type of verbal test is to base their answers on only the information contained within the passages; they must not infer anything or base answers on the knowledge they have from outside the test.


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