School of Nursing Taraba State Past Questions and Answers

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Updated Taraba State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers. To perform your best, a crucial part of your preparation tactics is to practice previous years’ papers. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty, and ultimately, help you create your best preparation strategy.

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 School of Nursing Taraba State Past Questions and Answers-PDF Download

School of Nursing Taraba State Past Questions and Answers – 2024 Updated

Our comprehensive collection of Taraba School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is your key to unlocking success in the upcoming entrance exam. We understand the importance of this test in shaping your future as a healthcare professional. Hence, we have put in extensive effort to create a study resource that not only helps you grasp the concepts but also equips you with the confidence to excel in the exam’Each question in our Past Questions and Answers comes with detailed step-by-step solutions. We believe that learning from your mistakes is one of the most effective ways to grow and improve. By understanding the reasoning behind the correct answers, you will not only increase your chances of scoring higher but also strengthen your foundational knowledge in the process.

Samples of School of Taraba State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

English Language:

1. Choose the word that best completes the sentence: The patient’s condition has ______ improved since yesterday.

A) rapidly

B) nearly

C) possibly

D) seldom

2.Identify the synonym for the word “benevolent”:

A) generous

B) hostile

C) selfish

D) cowardly


1.Solve for x: 3x + 7 = 22

A) 5

B) 6

C) 7

D) 8

2.What is the area of a square with a side length of 6 meters?

A) 12 square meters

B) 18 square meters

C) 24 square meters

D) 36 square meters


1. Which of the following is responsible for carrying oxygen in red blood cells?

A) Hemoglobin

B) Insulin

C) Estrogen

D) Testosterone

2.The process by which a cell divides into two daughter cells is called:

A) Osmosis

B) Mitosis

C) Diffusion

D) Fermentation


1.What is the chemical symbol for water?

A) H2O

B) CO2

C) NaCl

D) O2

2.Which gas is essential for respiration and is found in the air we breathe?

A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Carbon dioxide

D) Hydrogen


1.What is the SI unit of force?

A) Newton

B) Joule

C) Watt

D) Pascal

2Which of the following is a form of energy that travels in waves and can be seen by the human eye?

A) Sound

B) Heat

C) Light

D) Magnetism


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