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NITDA Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions Study Pack

This study pack (NITDA Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions) will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the Scholarship award selection test.

A crucial part of NITDA Scholarship aptitude preparation is to solve and practice using previous years’ papers. Solving previous year NITDA past questions will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, helps you create your best preparation strategy.

NITDA Aptitude test format:

NITDA MSc scholarship selection test usually includes;

  1. Quantitative Reasoning and Maths,
  2. Verbal reasoning and English,
  3. ICT and Computer Awareness,
  4. Current Affairs and General Knowledge

Sample Nitda Scholarship Aptitude Past Questions

1.Internationally, UNESCO is known as _______.
A.United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organ
B.United Nations Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
C.United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
D.United Nations Education and Science Organisation

2.In Nigeria, FRC is known as _______.
A.Federal Responsibility Commission
B.Fiscal Resources Commission
C.Fiscal Revenue Commission
D.Fiscal Responsibility Commission

3. In Nigeria, ICPC stands for ______.
A.International Collegiate Programming Contest
B.International Cable Protection Committee
C.Independent Centre for the Prevention of Crime
D.Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission

4.In Nigeria, NUPENG is known as ______.
A.Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers
B.Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers
C.National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas
D.National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers

5. In Nigeria, NERC is known as ______.
A.Nigerian Export Regulatory Commission
B.Nigerian Electoral Regulatory Comamission
C.National Electricity Regulatory Commission
D.Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

1. Five patients, all potential blood donors, are waiting in the doctor’s surgery room and are sitting on the bench from left to right. Their ages are 5, 9, 30, 46 and 60. Their heights are 40, 48, 60, 65 and 74. Their weights are 40, 75, 96, 125 and 165. The person on the far right is 37 years older than Jason, and is 60 inches tall. Jason weighs 56 pounds more than his height. Alan weighs 75 pounds and is 74 inches tall.
John is type AB and weighs 56 pounds less than Jason. The person in the centre is 9 years old, his blood type AO and weighs 96 pounds. Adam, who is the first, is 65 inches tall and weighs 100 pounds more than his height. The person whose blood type is O is 25 years older than the person to the left of them. Kevin is 60 years old. The person whose blood type is A is 55 years younger than Kevin and is not next to the person whose blood type is AO.
The person who is next to the 9 year old, but not next to the person who is 65 inches tall, has blood type B and weighs 125 pounds. Determine the position of Alan along with his blood group, age, height and weight.
A.Position = 3rd, Blood group = O, Age = 30, Height = 74, weight = 165
B.Position = 1st, Blood group = B, Age = 30, Height = 74, weight = 96
C.Position = 2nd, Blood group = O, Age = 30, Height = 74, weight = 75
D.Position = 3rd, Blood group = O, Age = 30, Height = 48, weight = 125
E.Position = 4th, Blood group = A, Age = 5, Height = 40, weight = 75

2.If a bottle weighs eight ounces plus half a bottle, what is the weight of a bottle and a half?
A.22 ounces
B.24 ounces
C.26 ounces
D.28 ounces

3.There are 20 people surrounding the perimeter of a square room. Each person has full sight of the entire room and everyone in it without turning his head or body, or moving in any way (other than the eyes). Where can you place an apple so that all but one person can see it?
A.On the floor
B.At the back of the room
C.In the middle of the room
D.On one person’s head

4.Five houses lettered A, B, C, D, & E are built in a row next to each other. The houses are lined up in the order A, B, C, D, & E. Each of the five houses has a colored chimney. The roof and chimney of each house must be painted as follows.
i.The roof must be painted green, red, or yellow.
ii.The chimney must be painted white, black, or red.
iii.No house may have the same color chimney as the color of roof.
iv.No house may use any of the same colors that the very next house uses.
v.House E has a green roof.
vi.House B has a red roof and a black chimney.
Which of these are false?
A.House A has a yellow roof
B.House A & C have different color chimney
C.House D has a black chimney
D.House E has a white chimney
E.House B & D have the same color roof.

5.I am the owner of a pet store. If I put in one canary per cage, I have one bird too many. If I put in two canaries per cage, I have one cage too many. How many cages and canaries do I have?
A.cages = 7, canaries = 4
B.cages = 4, canaries = 3
C.cages = 6, canaries = 4
D.cages = 2, canaries = 4
E.cages = 3, canaries = 4

1. What is the maximum number of half-pint bottles of cream that can be filled with a 4-gallon can of cream (2 pt.=1 qt. and 4 qt.=1 gal)?

2.Faka bought yam at 1,000 naira a score. What is the price of one tuber of yam?
A.50 naira
B.40 naira
C.60 naira
D.65 naira
E.Cannot be determined

3.One year payment to the servant is N200 plus one shirt. The servant leaves after 9 months and receives N120 and a shirt. Find the price of the shirt.

4.Haretown and Tortoiseville are 52 miles apart. A hare travels at 10 miles per hour from Haretown to Tortoiseville, while a tortoise travels at 3 miles per hour from Tortoiseville to Haretown. If both set out at the same time, how many miles will the hare have to travel before meeting the tortoise en route?
A.26 miles
B.30 miles
C.39 miles
D.40 miles

5. How many 7s are there between 1 and 100?

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6 reviews for NITDA Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – 2023 PDF Download

  1. Hassan (verified owner)

    thank you guys for delivering promptly and full pack… really appreciate n hope it helps me pass – bcos honestly I need this scholarship

    • Samuel

      Thanks for your rating. I pray for the best for you. You will definitely find the past questions helpful, GUARANTEED!

  2. Nifemi (verified owner)

    I got the pack and it is real good. Just one question for @admin. Is it the same question for phd and msc? Because I am writing for Msc and my elder bro is Phd. Just wanted to find out though

    • Samuel

      Yes. Barring any changes this year, you both can use the same pack. Please note, you need to get very familiar with CURRENT AFFAIRS, Because the current affairs in the past questions pack is old. A lot must have changed since the last time.

  3. Lucy (verified owner)

    Just a quick note, the section that has computer awareness… that title is covering some questions at the top. If you avail me, I can upload a screenshot and show here. I have sent via chat but no one is responding. Thank you for helping with this pack. Wish me luck

    • Samuel

      Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We will review now and update accordingly

  4. Mohd (verified owner)

    very good material

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    Quick question, can I change my test venue. I really cant afford to leave my family at this time – Kindly advise!

  6. Jiboye (verified owner)

    Great!!! Perfect very resourceful!!
    Any idea when this year’s test will be? I really want to prepare ahead

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