MainOne Cable Past Questions and Answers Study pack

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The pack now includes the latest 2024 Workforce questions for MainOne cable. Learn what to expect, and better prepare for your best performance. Candidates successful in the aptitude test will be preceded by the essay writing assessment.

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MainOne Cable Past Questions and Answers Study pack- PDF Download

This study pack – MainOne Cable Past Questions Pack, will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the test.
A crucial part of any Dragnet administered aptitude test preparation is to solve and practice using previous years’ papers. Solving previous year past questions will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, helps you create your best preparation strategy.

MainOne Cable Past Questions format:

In the past MainOne cable aptitude test was conducted by Dragnet solutions, and it is aimed at measuring the candidate’s verbal reasoning ability, Logical reasoning and also their problem solving ability.
This material provides in-depth insight into how the test looked like in the past.

2024 MainOne Cable Test Sections:

  • Workforce – Numerical reasoning
  • Workforce – Verbal reasoning/Verbal comprehension
  • Abstract/Critical Reasoning

Sample MainOne Cable Past Questions Pack

This is a sample questions from our mainone cable past questions and answers study pack 


MainOne Cable Past Questions and Answers Study pack- 2022 PDF Download



MainOne Cable Past Questions and Answers Study pack- 2022 PDF Download


What is the reason behind the traditional red, white and green of the Christmas period? A
professor at Cambridge University has set out to question the popular idea that the Victorians are to thank for the colour coding of the festive season. The research, which began in 2009, looks at the possible influence of medieval wooden art and the traditional decorations that can still be found in churches today.


Based on the information in the above passage only, according to popular belief, why do we associate red, white and green with the festive period?

a. We associate these colours due to the Victorians.
b. We associate these colours due to Coca-Cola.
c. We associate these colours due to medieval wooden art.
d. We associate these colours due to traditional decorations


The price of gold has increased by almost thirty-five percent across the globe over the last year. As a result, previously abandoned gold mines, which were once seen as financially unviable, have been re-opened. An example of this can be seen at the southern Indian state of Karnataka, where companies are re-opening gold mines as even low grade ore becomes valuable. India is currently the largest consumer of gold globally; however, the majority of this demand is currently met by import. Commentators question whether this trend will continue as more and more abandoned mines are re-opened.

Based solely on the information in the passage, which of the following statements is definitely correct?

a. India’s demand for gold is increasing
b. It is uncertain if India’s demand for gold will continue
c. The majority of India’s demand for gold is met by import
d. India’s demand for imported gold is increasing

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