Lagos State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers

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Complete and updated past questions, a compilation of the Lagos State TESCOM test.  To perform your best, a crucial part of your preparation tactics is to practice previous years’ papers. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty, and ultimately, and help you create your best preparation strategy.

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Lagos State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers Download PDF

Lagos State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers – 2024 Updated

Lagos State TESCOM Past Questions… Here you will get in touch with the latest version of the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) recruitment past questions and answers all compiled in PDF format,  All individuals who have participated in the Lagos State TESCOM recruitment are advised to get a copy of the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) recruitment past questions and answers. These past questions and answers is a complete guide for the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission interview. However, you are advised to follow the instructions below to get your copy.

Is the Lagos State Lagos State Teaching Service Commission Past Questions Necessary

All individuals who participated in the TESCOM recruitment are advised to get the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) recruitment past questions and answers. This E-Book really helps a lot. You will testify if you get your copy.

It is one thing to apply for recruitment and it is another thing to get well prepared for the recruitment interview as such past questions do help a lot.

Lagos State TESCOM Test Format

The assessments you will be asked to take depend on the role you want, and could be:

  • Numerical reasoning: Calculation tests, and/or questions about facts and figures, that assess your quantitative abilities.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Evaluates your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, with a given text that you will analyze, and will be asked questions about.
  • Logical: Non-verbal and/ or verbal tests, that assess your information evaluation and attention to details.
  • Personality: Assesses your dominant traits by asking Yes/No questions, statements with Least-Most scales, and similar questions.
  • Abstract Reasoning: You will be given multiple-choice questions about the logic of symbols and patterns, to examine how you work out new concepts and abstract ideas.

Lagos State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers

Verbal Reasoning:

Question 1:
Choose the synonym for “Eloquent.”
A) Quiet
B) Articulate
C) Muted
D) Reserved
Answer: B) Articulate
Explanation: “Eloquent” means fluent, expressive, and persuasive in speech. “Articulate” also means expressing oneself clearly and effectively.

Question 2:
Choose the antonym for “Innovative.”
A) Traditional
B) Old-fashioned
C) Creative
D) Conventional
Answer: A) Traditional
Explanation: “Innovative” means introducing new ideas or methods, while “traditional” refers to established customs or practices.

Question 3:
Complete the analogy: Writer is to book as artist is to _______.
A) Painting
B) Studio
C) Gallery
D) Easel
Answer: A) Painting
Explanation: A writer creates a book, similarly, an artist creates a painting.

Question 4:
Choose the word that does not belong in the group:
A) Apple
B) Orange
C) Banana
D) Pear
Answer: D) Pear
Explanation: All other options are types of fruits except “Pear.”

Question 5:
What is the synonym for “Harmony”?
A) Dissonance
B) Conflict
C) Accord
D) Strife
Answer: C) Accord
Explanation: “Harmony” means a pleasing arrangement of parts, and “accord” is a synonym for it.

Question 6:
Choose the antonym for “Vast.”
A) Huge
B) Expansive
C) Tiny
D) Immense
Answer: C) Tiny
Explanation: “Vast” means very large, while “tiny” means very small.

Question 7:
Which word means the opposite of “Joy”?
A) Happiness
B) Sadness
C) Elation
D) Excitement
Answer: B) Sadness
Explanation: “Joy” is a positive emotion, while “sadness” is a negative emotion.

Question 8:
Choose the word that best completes the sentence: She was ___ by the breathtaking view.
A) Bored
B) Uninterested
C) Amazed
D) Dull
Answer: C) Amazed
Explanation: The word “amazed” fits the context of the sentence, indicating a strong positive reaction to the view.

Question 9:
What is the synonym for “Cautious”?
A) Brave
B) Bold
C) Careful
D) Reckless
Answer: C) Careful
Explanation: “Cautious” means showing care to avoid potential problems, and “careful” is a synonym for it.

Question 10:
Complete the analogy: Dog is to bark as cat is to _______.
A) Hiss
B) Purr
C) Roar
D) Chirp
Answer: B) Purr
Explanation: A dog barks, and a cat purrs as a form of vocalization.


Numerical Reasoning:

Question 1:
If a shirt is originally priced at $40 and is on sale for 25% off, what is the sale price?
A) $10
B) $20
C) $30
D) $32.50
Answer: D) $32.50
Explanation: 25% of $40 is $10. Subtracting $10 from $40 gives $30, which is the sale price.

Question 2:
If a train travels 300 miles in 5 hours, what is its average speed?
A) 40 mph
B) 50 mph
C) 60 mph
D) 70 mph
Answer: C) 60 mph
Explanation: Average speed = Total distance / Total time = 300 miles / 5 hours = 60 mph.

Question 3:
If a product costs $50 and its price is increased by 20%, what is the new price?
A) $55
B) $60
C) $65
D) $70
Answer: B) $60
Explanation: 20% of $50 is $10. Adding $10 to $50 gives $60, which is the new price.

Question 4:
If a rectangle has a length of 12 units and a width of 8 units, what is its area?
A) 64 square units
B) 80 square units
C) 96 square units
D) 100 square units
Answer: A) 64 square units
Explanation: Area = length × width = 12 units × 8 units = 96 square units.

Question 5:
What is 30% of 150?
A) 30
B) 45
C) 50
D) 60
Answer: B) 45
Explanation: 30% of 150 = 0.30 × 150 = 45.

Question 6:
If John saved $200 each month for 5 months, how much money did he save?
A) $500
B) $750
C) $800
D) $1000
Answer: B) $750
Explanation: Saving $200 each month for 5 months = $200 × 5 = $1000.

Question 7:
If a car travels 240 kilometers in 4 hours, what is its speed in kilometers per hour?
A) 40 km/h
B) 50 km/h
C) 60 km/h
D) 70 km/h
Answer: C) 60 km/h
Explanation: Speed = Distance / Time = 240 kilometers / 4 hours = 60 km/h.

Question 8:
What is the next number in the sequence: 5, 10, 20, 40, ___?
A) 60
B) 80
C) 100
D) 120
Answer: B) 80
Explanation: The pattern is doubling the previous number: 5 × 2 = 10, 10 × 2 = 20, 20 × 2 = 40, 40 × 2 = 80.

Question 9:
If a box contains 30 red balls and 20 blue balls, what is the total number of balls in the box?
A) 40
B) 50
C) 60
D) 70
Answer: C) 60
Explanation: Total number of balls = 30 red balls + 20 blue balls = 50 balls.

Question 10:
If the length of a rectangle is 15 meters and the width is 10 meters, what is its perimeter?
A) 35 meters
B) 45 meters
C) 55 meters
D) 65 meters
Answer: B) 45 meters
Explanation: Perimeter = 2 × (Length + Width) = 2 × (15 + 10) = 2 × 25 = 45 meters.

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