CRK Exam Questions and Answers for Primary 4

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Looking to give your Primary 4 student a solid boost in their CRK (Christian Religious Knowledge) studies? Our CRK Exam Questions and Answers for Primary 4 is the perfect tool to help them excel!

Crafted with care by experienced educators, this resource provides a comprehensive collection of questions and detailed answers tailored to the Primary 4 curriculum. It’s designed to not only test your child’s understanding but also reinforce key concepts in CRK.

With our user-friendly format, students can easily navigate through topics, tackle challenging questions, and deepen their knowledge of Christian values and teachings. Whether they’re preparing for exams or simply want to strengthen their faith-based education, our CRK Exam Questions and Answers for Primary 4 is the ideal companion for every young learner on their journey of spiritual growth and academic success

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CRK Exam Questions and Answers for Primary 4

These questions were compiled to serve as a reference material to help teachers set tests and examination questions.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful in revision and exam preparation.

• Based on the NERDC curriculum (UBE compliant)
• Book section includes Questions only (Exam mode); and Question & Answers (Practice mode)
• Can be read on all phones and computers. Can also be printed (On permission)
•Editable (MS-Word) format also available (On request).


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