Chevron Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers

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2024 updated for past questions Chevron Graduate Job tests (Dragnet), Chevron Experienced Hires (Workforce) and Chevron Cooperative company online tests. The pack covers all the questions you need to prepare for, and pass all Chevron related job test. Years covered: 2008 till date. Next Chevron Job Aptitude Test is Happening Soon!

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Chevron Job aptitude test Past question and Answers 2024 Updated

This study pack (Chevron Job aptitude test Past question and Answers) will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the test.
A crucial part of Chevron Job aptitude test preparation is to solve and practice using previous years’ papers. Solving previous year past questions will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, helps you create your best preparation strategy.

About the test format:

The test measures your verbal reasoning ability, Logical reasoning and problem solving ability. This material provides in-depth insight into how the test looked like in the past.
The test format includes Numerical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract reasoning. Usually the same questions for all candidates.

Sample Chevron Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and answers


Although it was discovered in the 19th century that birds were closely related to
dinosaurs, the current scientific consensus is that birds were, and always have
been dinosaurs themselves. Fossil evidence demonstrates similarities between
birds and other feathered dinosaurs, including hollow bones, nest building and
similar brooding behaviours. Although the dinosaurian lineage of birds is largely
undisputed, the evolution of powered flight in birds is still debated. Two theories of
flight in birds are the “ground-up” theory, and the “trees-down” theory. Ground-up
theorists suggest birds evolved powered flight from ground dwelling dinosaurs, and
trees-down theorists suggest birds evolved from tree dwelling, gliding dinosaurs.
Further research is required to conclusively verify the process in which birds
evolved powered flight

1. The “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are the only theories explaining
flight in birds.
c.Cannot say

Answer  C

Explanation:Cannot Say – Although the “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are stated
to be theories of flight in birds, they are not stated to be the only two
theories explaining flight in birds.

2. All dinosaurs had hollow bones.
c.Cannot say

Answer  C

Explanation:Cannot Say – The passage states that other feathered dinosaurs also had hollow
bones, not that all dinosaurs (non-feathered) also had hollow bones.

3. There is no scientific consensus regarding how birds evolved powered flight.
c. Cannot say

Answer  A

Explanation:The passage states that further research is required to conclusively verify the
process in which birds evolved powered flight. Similarly, it is stated that, the
evolution of powered flight in birds is still debated.

4 The dinosaurian origins of birds is widely rejected.
c. Cannot say

Answer  B

Explanation:False – It is stated that the dinosaurian origins of birds is “largely undisputed”, and
is therefore the antithesis of being widely rejected.

A feral cat is a domestic cat that was raised in the wild, without having experienced
significant human contact. Feral cats differ from stray cats, in that strays were
previously pets that became nomadic. Unlike strays, feral cats initially show
hostility towards humans, particularly upon first contact. Feral cats may become
invasive to ecosystems, particularly on insular islands, resulting in a decline in
biodiversity. Non-indigenous feral cats often have few natural predators, and prey
on local species unaccustomed to defending against cats. Ground nesting birds,
small native mammals and even amphibian species are often impacted by invasive
populations of feral cats, and have led to extinctions of these species in some

5. Both stray and feral cats exhibit hostility when first encountering humans.
c.Cannot say

Answer  C

Explanation: False- The passage states that “Unlike strays, feral cats initially show hostility
towards humans”. Since this distinguishes stray cats from feral cats.



1. Statement: Engineers are better than doctors
Doctors are smarter than teachers
Conclusion I: Engineers are smarter than everyone else
II. Teachers are just as smart as engineers
A. Neither conclusion I and II follows
B. Either conclusion I or II follows
C. Only conclusion I follows
D. Only conclusion II follows

 Answer  A

2.AOM, CRP, EUS _____

 Answer  C

3. Which word does not belong with the others?
A. Silverback
B. Orangutan
C. Neanderthal
D. Gorilla

 Answer C

4.Identify the next order in the series … OP2, RS3, TY1, YZ2, XY4, ….?
A. Z5
B. EF5
C. BH1
D. DH3

 Answer C

5.A26, D23, H19, _____
Complete the series
A. C13
B. J17
C. F22
D. N25

 Answer  B

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Chevron Aptitude Test 2024

Q: Can I take the test on my phone?
A: We strongly advise against using your phone for the test. Using your phone can result in your test
being terminated when calls or SMS come in during the test as this can be considered suspicious
activities (see the question on suspicious activities for more details).

Q: Can I take the test more than once?
A: You are only allowed to take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, it is only your
score from the first attempt that will be recorded.

Q: Is the test timed?
A: Yes. All tests have a time duration in which they must be completed. Once the duration is
reached, the test will be terminated, and your score recorded and submitted.


Q: What if I mistakenly end the test before I am done?
A: Once a test is submitted or closed, it will be assumed that the test has been completed and


Q: Would I be allowed to retake the test if my test automatically ended because of network or
internet issues?
A: No, you would not be allowed to retake the test. You are advised to make sure you have quality
internet service to avoid this.


Q: Would I be allowed to use the calculator on my system for the test for mathematical questions?
A: Opening another app on your device while taking the test is considered an unusual behaviour so
we advise you have a physical calculator for the test.


Q: My test just ended. I don’t know what happened. What should I do?
A: Your test can be terminated for several reasons – internet connection, suspicious behaviour, or test
time elapsed.
Please ensure you have good and reliable internet before starting the examination to prevent
termination due to poor internet connection.
If you perform five (5) suspicious activities, your test will be terminated. Every time a suspicious
activity is noticed, you will get a warning. By the fifth (5th) warning, your test will be terminated.


Q: What are suspicious activities?
A: Your test will be terminated if you perform five (5) suspicious activities. The following activities are
considered suspicious activities /unusual behaviour:
˗ Minimizing the browser.
˗ Resizing the browser.
˗ Opening a new tab.
˗ Opening a new program.
˗ Take a screenshot. (Desktop)
˗ Pressing Ctrl + C.
˗ Pressing Ctrl + V.
˗ Pressing Print Screen.
˗ Pressing F12.

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Note about the test format: On the Chevron Job aptitude test, you’ll face 3 test sections:Numerical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract reasoning. Usually the same questions for all candidates


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