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University Village, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Plot 91, Cadastral Zone, Jabi, Abuja
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Extension
PoP Exam Question October/November 2019
INSTRUCTION: 1. Attempt question Number one (1) and any other two (2).
2.Question number 1 is compulsory and caries 30 marks, while The other questions carry 20 marks each
3.Present all your points in a coherent and orderly manner TIME ALLOWED 2 Hours
1a.A Study undertaken by an Organization to identify its internal and external strength and weaknesses as well as its external opportunities and threats is referred to as SWOT; explain the process using SWOT analysis? (15 marks)
b. Consider any Organization of your choice. Attempt to define its business along the dimensions of customer groups, customers’ functions and alternative technologies. What insight does such a definition offer to you for the strategic management of your chosen organization? (15 marks)
2a. What different types of factors affect the process of environmental appraisal? Select any Organization of your choice .Identify the high priority environmental factors in its relevant environment. Use this information to prepare a summary of ETOP for the organization. (15marks)
b. What is the relationship between corporate level strategy and other levels of planning? (5marks)
3a. Consider any industry of your choice and point out the critical success factors (CSFS) for an organization in that industry. Attempt to formulate objectives and devise measures of performance on the basis of the CSFS you have identified. (10marks)
b. Give a lucid description of these concepts (a) Strategic intent; (b) Stretch ;( c) Leverage; (d) Fit. Discuss the manner in which these concepts aid our understanding of Strategic management.(10 marks)
4a. Explain what is meant by information and technology- driven strategy and compare this with knowledge adaptive strategy in relation to strategic management.(15 marks)
b. Business policy is a capstone, integrative course. Explain?
5a. List the various schools of thought on strategic formation that you know and explain any four of them? (5 marks)
b.In your own view, define strategic decision making? (5marks)
c.What are the difference aspects of the nature of business policy? Discuss each one of them with the help of examples. (10marks)
5b Bureaucracy is associated with some structural characteristics. State five (5) of these features 6a Define Interest Groups according to LaPalombara
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