Allen and Overy Graduate Assessment Practice Test 2024

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Success in any assessment is often tied to confidence. By actively engaging with the Allen & Overy Graduate Assessment Practice Test, candidates build the confidence needed to approach the actual assessment with a positive mindset, increasing their chances of success.

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Allen & Overy Graduate Assessment Practice Test 2024

Supercharge Your Career with Allen & Overy Graduate Assessment Practice Test!

Ready to spread your wings with Allen & Overy and take on the Graduate Assessment Practice Test? The journey to success begins here, and we’ve got your back!

Here’s your ultimate guide to conquering the Allen & Overy Graduate Assessment Practice Test:

Test Your Skills, Boost Your Confidence

Our practice test is designed to mirror the actual assessment, giving you a real taste of what to expect. It’s an excellent way to sharpen your skills and walk into the assessment with confidence.

About Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy is a global law firm that helps the world’s leading businesses to grow, innovate and thrive. For almost a century, we have built a reputation for our commitment to think ahead and bring original solutions to our clients’ most complex legal and commercial challenges.

At a time of significant turbulence in the business world, we are determined to help our clients embrace change, confidently expand into new markets and keep on top of ever-more complicated regulatory frameworks.

To do this, we will harness our global strength and local knowledge. We will drive towards our vision to become the world’s most innovative law firm. And we will continue to create an environment where the brightest minds can flourish.

Allen & Overy is known for its competitive and comprehensive graduate recruitment programs. The firm attracts top legal talent and often recruits graduates and aspiring lawyers through a rigorous selection process, which may include assessment tests, interviews, and case studies.

Allen & Overy Test Format

Situational Judgment: Here, candidates are presented with realistic scenarios, challenging them to showcase their decision-making prowess and team dynamics.

Verbal Reasoning: Candidates’ analytical skills are put to the test with passages spanning various themes. Quick comprehension and logical inference are key.

Numerical Reasoning : Emphasizing the importance of numbers, this segment demands candidates to demonstrate adeptness in interpreting graphs, charts, and other data formats.

To give applicants an edge, A&O offers a sneak peek with a free example video assessment.

Those who excel in the video assessments are granted the golden ticket: an invitation to the Allen & Overy Assessment Day. This pivotal day comprises two distinct interviews:

HR-Style interview: A one-on-one (or with a panel) to gauge your motivation, alignment with the firm’s ethos, and overall fit for the role.

Case study interview: Dive deep into a commercial case, crafting a presentation for the interviewer. It’s a race against time, assessing commercial awareness, and the ability to handle pressure.

Sample case studies range from regulatory issues, acquisitions in foreign countries, to fraud allegations. They demand a blend of legal expertise and real-world application.


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