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Agip Job Aptitude Test Past Questions Studypack

This study pack (Agip Job Aptitude Test Past Questions Studypack) will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the test.
A crucial part of Agip Job Aptitude Test preparation is to solve and practice previous years’ question papers. This will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, helps you create your best preparation strategy.

What is the format for this test?

Agip Job Aptitude Test is in three sections. They are; Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning

This study pack ensures that you have a satellite/complete coverage of all these test styles, using actual questions and real test screenshots as they appeared in the past, to give you the best preparation possible.

Sample Question and Answers for Agip Job Aptitude Test Past Questions Study pack


Question 1:
Infer the meaning of the word “ephemeral” from the following sentence:
“The beauty of the cherry blossoms is ephemeral, lasting only a few weeks each spring.”
A) Long-lasting
B) Colorful
C) Temporary
D) Fragrant
Answer: C) Temporary

Question 2:
Identify the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to “benevolent”:
A) Malevolent
B) Kind
C) Generous
D) Altruistic
Answer: A) Malevolent

Question 3:
Which of the following proverbs best expresses the idea that it’s unwise to judge something based solely on its appearance?
A) “Actions speak louder than words.”
B) “Still waters run deep.”
C) “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”
D) “All that glitters is not gold.”
Answer: D) “All that glitters is not gold.”

Question 4:
Complete the analogy:
Ocean is to fish as forest is to ___________.
A) Tree
B) Bear
C) River
D) Animal
Answer: B) Bear

Question 5:
Choose the option that correctly rearranges the following words to form a coherent sentence:
sunset / the / beach / walked / couple / romantic / along / the / at
A) The couple walked along the romantic beach at the sunset.
B) The romantic couple walked along the beach at the sunset.
C) The couple romantic at the sunset walked along the beach.
D) At the sunset, the couple along walked the romantic beach.
Answer: B) The romantic couple walked along the beach at the sunset.

Question 6:
Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement:
A) The group of friends is planning a road trip.
B) The group of friends are planning a road trip.
C) The group of friends was planning a road trip.
D) The group of friends were planning a road trip.
Answer: A) The group of friends is planning a road trip.

Question 7:
Choose the option that best replaces the underlined phrase without changing the meaning of the sentence:
She was extremely tired; nevertheless, she continued working late into the night.
A) Consequently
B) Therefore
C) However
D) Furthermore
Answer: C) However

Question 8:
Identify the sentence that contains a dangling modifier:
A) After eating the meal, the kitchen was cleaned.
B) Driving to work, the car broke down.
C) Hiking in the mountains, the trail was challenging.
D) When the book was read, the meaning was clear.
Answer: B) Driving to work, the car broke down.

Question 9:
Choose the option that best expresses the meaning of the idiom “barking up the wrong tree”:
A) Climb up the tall tree.
B) Investigate the matter thoroughly.
C) Making a lot of noise.
D) Pursuing the wrong course of action.
Answer: D) Pursuing the wrong course of action.

Question 10:
Select the word that best fits in the blank to complete the sentence:
The magician’s tricks were so ___________ that the audience was left in awe.
A) Mundane
B) Unbelievable
C) Predictable
D) Ordinary
Answer: B) Unbelievable


Question 1:
If a shirt originally costs $40 and is now on sale for 30% off, what is the sale price?
A) $12
B) $24
C) $28
D) $30
Answer: B) $24

Question 2:
A car travels 240 miles in 4 hours. What is its average speed in miles per hour?
A) 60 mph
B) 40 mph
C) 80 mph
D) 120 mph
Answer: A) 60 mph
Question 3:
If a box contains 25 red balls, 30 blue balls, and 45 green balls, what percentage of the balls are blue?
A) 20%
B) 30%
C) 40%
D) 50%
Answer: B) 30%
Question 4:
The total cost of a laptop and a tablet is $1200. If the laptop costs $800, what is the cost of the tablet?
A) $200
B) $300
C) $400
D) $500

Answer: C) $400
Question 5:
A garden is 12 meters long and 8 meters wide. What is its area in square meters
A) 20 sq m
B) 48 sq m
C) 64 sq m
D) 96 sq m
Answer: C) 64 sq m

Question 6:
If a company’s profits increased from $500,000 to $750,000, what was the percentage increase in profits?
A) 30%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 75%
Answer: B) 50%
Question 7:
A recipe calls for 2 cups of flour to make 12 cookies. How much flour is needed to make 36 cookies?
A) 4 cups
B) 6 cups
C) 8 cups
D) 12 cups
Answer: B) 6 cups

Question 8:
If a shirt is initially priced at $60 and is later marked down by 25%, what is the final price?

A) $15
B) $30
C) $45
D) $50
Answer: C) $45

Question 9:
A train travels a distance of 300 kilometers in 5 hours. What is its average speed in kilometers per hour?
A) 45 km/h
B) 55 km/h
C) 60 km/h
D) 65 km/h
Answer: C) 60 km/h

Question 10:
If a bookstore has 150 books in stock and sells 30% of them in a week, how many books are left?
A) 30 books
B) 60 books
C) 90 books
D) 105 books
Answer: C) 90 books

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Agip Job Aptitude test 2024

Q: Can I take the test on my phone?
A: We strongly advise against using your phone for the test. Using your phone can result in your test
being terminated when calls or SMS come in during the test as this can be considered suspicious
activities (see the question on suspicious activities for more details).

Q: Can I take the test more than once?
A: You are only allowed to take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, it is only your
score from the first attempt that will be recorded.

Q: Is the test timed?
A: Yes. All tests have a time duration in which they must be completed. Once the duration is
reached, the test will be terminated, and your score recorded and submitted.


Q: What if I mistakenly end the test before I am done?
A: Once a test is submitted or closed, it will be assumed that the test has been completed and


Q: Would I be allowed to retake the test if my test automatically ended because of network or
internet issues?
A: No, you would not be allowed to retake the test. You are advised to make sure you have quality
internet service to avoid this.


Q: Would I be allowed to use the calculator on my system for the test for mathematical questions?
A: Opening another app on your device while taking the test is considered an unusual behaviour so
we advise you have a physical calculator for the test.


Q: My test just ended. I don’t know what happened. What should I do?
A: Your test can be terminated for several reasons – internet connection, suspicious behaviour, or test
time elapsed.
Please ensure you have good and reliable internet before starting the examination to prevent
termination due to poor internet connection.
If you perform five (5) suspicious activities, your test will be terminated. Every time a suspicious
activity is noticed, you will get a warning. By the fifth (5th) warning, your test will be terminated.


Q: What are suspicious activities?
A: Your test will be terminated if you perform five (5) suspicious activities. The following activities are
considered suspicious activities /unusual behaviour:
˗ Minimizing the browser.
˗ Resizing the browser.
˗ Opening a new tab.
˗ Opening a new program.
˗ Take a screenshot. (Desktop)
˗ Pressing Ctrl + C.
˗ Pressing Ctrl + V.
˗ Pressing Print Screen.
˗ Pressing F12.

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