Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions

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Complete and updated Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions. To perform your best, a crucial part of your preparation tactics, is to practice previous years’ papers. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, and help you create your best preparation strategy.

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Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions 2024

Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions: This is where you can find Adamawa State College of Nursing Previous Questions and Answers to help you study for the upcoming test. We provide you with a detailed set of past questions compiled from previous exams over the last five years. For your convenience, these questions have been compiled into a single pdf formatted ebook.

Subjects Combination for Adamawa State College of Nursing Entrance Examinations

  1. English,
  2. Physics,
  3. Chemistry, and
  4. Biology

SampleS of Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions:


    1. When she was in the university, she ________ wake up early in the morning.
    (A) should
    (B) would
    (C) will
    (D) would have
    Answer: (B)

    2. Not only her parents ________ her class teacher ________ proud of her results.
    (A) but also, was
    (B) but also, were
    (C) and also, was
    (D) and also, were
    Answer: (A)

    3. Yesterday I got a call from my old friend, and he ________ me the whole story.
    (A) tell
    (B) tells
    (C) told
    (D) telling
    Answer: (C)

    4. Maldives is a country ________ thousands of islands, and it is ________ most dispersed country.
    (A) made of, a
    (B) made of, the
    (C) made up of, a
    (D) made up of, the
    Answer: (D)

    5. You need to write your mobile number, while home address is ________.
    (A) option
    (B) options
    (C) optional
    (D) optionals
    Answer: (C)


    1. What is the mass of silver deposited when 24,125 C of electricity is passed through a solution or silver salt?
    [Ag = 108, IF = 96,500 C]
    A. 432g
    B. 108g
    C. 54g
    D. 27g
    Correct Answer: D
    Ag + e → Ag
    1 mole of Ag+ = 108
    i.e 108 X 1 X 96500
    But, 24,125C will produce ( 108 X 24,125 ) / ( 1 X 96500 )
    Ag = 27g

    2. Equal masses of calcium trioxocarbonate(iv) were added to dilute hydrochloric acid at the temperature specified. Under which of the following conditions would the reaction be slowest?
    A. Calcium trioxocarbonate ( iv ) chips a 20°C
    B. CalcIum trioxocarbonate (IV) chips at 40°C
    C. Calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) powder at 20’C
    D. Calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) powder at 40’C
    Correct Answer: A

    3. Which or the following products could be formed during incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon.
    I. Carbon ii. Hydrogen III. Carbon (Il) oxide
    A. I only
    B. I and II only
    C. I and III only
    D. II and III only
    Correct Answer: C
    Incomplete combustion occurs when the supply of air or oxygen is poor. Water is still produced, but carbon monoxide and carbon are produced instead of carbon dioxide. The carbon is released as soot.

    4. What quantity of electrons is lost when one mole of iron (II) ions is oxidized to iron (III)?
    A. 0 mole
    B. 3 moles
    C. I mole
    D. 2 moles
    Correct Answer: B
    Fe^2^+^2^+ → Fe^3^+



    Carbohydrates are broken down into their component sugars by hydrolysis. This type of hydrolysis is called Saccharification.
    1. The ascent of water in tall trees is mainly due to
    A. adhesive forces
    B. transpiration pull
    C. root pressure
    D. cohesive forces
    Correct Answer: B
    Transpiration pull or the suction force is the force which aids in drawing the water upward from roots to leaves which is used by the leaves for photosynthesis and excess is released through the stomata.

    2. The duodenum of a person was surgically removed. Which of the following substances would have their digestion affected?
    A. starch and protein only
    B. starch and lipids
    C. starch, peptones and maltose
    D. starch, protein and lipids
    Correct Answer: D
    These three (starch, protein and lipids) have a process to undergo in the duodenum (the beginning of the small intestine), therefore, the surgery will affect them.

    3. Which of the following dental formulae represents the dentition in rabbits?
    A. I21I21 C00C00 P32P32 M33M33
    B. I22I22 C11C11 P22P22 M33M33
    C. I12I12 C00C00 P23P23 M33M33
    D. I21I21 C01C01 P32P32 M33M33
    Correct Answer: A
    The normal dental formula of rabbits is I2/1 C0/0 P3/2 M3/3 for 28 teeth.


    1. If a cube has an edge length of 4 cm, what is its volume?
    A) 16 cm³
    B) 32 cm³
    C) 64 cm³
    D) 128 cm³
    Answer: C) 64 cm³

    2. What is the value of 4x – 3y when x = 7 and y = 2?
    A) 22
    B) 23
    C) 24
    D) 25
    Answer: C) 24

    3. If a right triangle has legs of 3 cm and 4 cm, what is the length of its hypotenuse?
    A) 5 cm
    B) 6 cm
    C) 7 cm
    D) 8 cm
    Answer: A) 5 cm

    4. What is the value of 5³ – 4³?
    A) 56
    B) 61
    C) 81
    D) 125
    Answer: B) 61

    5. If a square has an area of 36 cm², what is its perimeter?
    A) 12 cm
    B) 18 cm
    C) 24 cm
    D) 36 cm
    Answer: B) 18 cm


    1. Two objects of masses 80kg and 50kg are separated by a distance of 0.2m. If the gravitational constant is 6.6 x 10-11Nm kg, calculate the gravitational attraction between them.
    A) 4.9 × 10-9N
    B) 1.3 × 10-6N
    C) 6.6 × 10-8N
    D) 6.6 × 10-6N
    E) 2.6 × 10-9N
    Answer: D

    2. The inner diameter of a test tube can be measured accurately using a?
    A. micrometer screw guage
    B. pair of dividers
    C. metre rule
    D. pair of vernier calipers
    Answer: D

    3. Two bodies have masses in the ratio 3:1. They experience forces that impart to them acceleration in the ratio 2:9 respectively. Find the ratio of forces the masses experienced.
    A. 1 : 4
    B. 2 : 1
    C. 2 : 3
    D. 2 : 5
    Answer: C

    4. Particles of mass 10−2−2kg is fixed to the tip of a fan blade which rotates with angular velocity of 100rad-1. If the radius of the blade is 0.2m, the centripetal force is
    A. 2 N
    B. 20 N
    C. 200 N
    D. 400 N
    Answer: B



This Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions ebook opens you up to the areas on which you are supposed to concentrate on, it affords you the opportunity to understand the maneuverings of the examiners so as not to be surprised in the examination hall, also there is a likelihood that at least 40 to 60 % of the questions in this ebook might repeat in the exams.


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