NDDC Postgraduate Scholarship and Aptitude test

NDDC Scholarship

About NDDC Scholarship

The NDDC Scholarship is an annual scholarship organized by the Niger Delta Development Commission.

It is offered to both Masters and P.H.D. Nigerian Students from Niger Delta region to study in selected universities abroad.

The eligible states include Akwa Ibom State, Beyelsa State Cross Rivers State, Delta State State, Edo State and Rivers States.

Getting ready for the scholarship

As at 2018, it is not required that you have an admission in any oversea university before you apply. NDDC is at liberty to pick a school for you if offered the scholarship. 

As a Government funded scholarship, payment to awardees could be delayed for a lot of reasongs. It is advisable to keep some savings or at least be able to sustain yourself during your study abroad.

NDDC Scholarship aptitude test format

The Scholarship Questions are usually field specific, with 60 questions to be answered in 30 minutes.

Summary of the test

20 questions on English Language, 20 questions on General Mathematics and 20 questions on General(or Technical) questions.

For example, questions for engineering students will be on general physics in the general section, while those in information technology, physics are to expect questions from physics and logic gates, basic ICT questions and basic computer programming.  Candidates in Geosciences are expected to see questions on geology and basic petroleum engineering questions.

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NDDC scholarship test difficulty

The questions are of medium difficulty depending on your preparation level. Most questions are basic questions regardless of your study course and aimed at assessing your cognitive skills. 

For example, the English Language sections and basic A-level (JAMB) english questions. The technical section consists of field related/200-level general questions.

All the best as you prepare for the NDDC Scholarship.

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