When you can’t buy a TestStreams Pack via Online Payment


The decision to reject a credit card payment is typically made by the card issuing bank and has nothing to do with teststreams or Paystacks.

For reasons of security and privacy, your bank will not provide Paystacks with the details as to why a payment was declined or failed. Top reasons transactions indicate failed or cancelled include:

  • Customer initiating the cancellation
  • network error-Z1
  • Incomplete Transaction
  • Insufficient Funds
  • incorrect PIN
  • Exceeding The Limit
  • Paying Amount That Is Too Low.XO4
  • Paying Amount That Is Too High.XO3
  • Unauthorized payment by the bank
  • Inability to process CVV2
  • Issuer or Switch Inoperative
  • DECLINED – Not enrolled or Element is Missing
  • Bank error
  • No record
  • Transferring fund that is not matured from VoguePay account
  • Transaction not permitted to cardholder
  • Pick-up card (expired card)
  • Number of PIN tries has been exceeded
  • Transaction was blocked by the Payment Server because it did not pass all risk checks.
  • The card holder was not authorized. This is used in 3-D Secure Authentication.

Hence,if you were debited without value, kindly contact your bank for a reversal of payment.

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