Standard Chartered Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers

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Get your best possible score in record speed, thanks to our 2023 updated Standard Chartered assessment questions and answers prep pack. Knowing the nature of questions is not only important but learning how to solve the questions as fast and as correctly as possible. This study pack features newly released Stan-Chart’s / Talent-Q-based tests for Elements of Numerical and Logical reasoning with answers/explanations. Everything you need to get the best score on the assessment! Delivery Format: PDF (eBook – instant download).

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Standard Chartered Bank Online assessment

About Standard Chartered Bank Online assessment – 2024 Updated

Standard chartered bank online assessment can be very difficult to complete successfully if you don’t practice right. This is because a test measures your strengths against certain set criteria and also in comparison to other people’s performance. You have to outperform a number of applicants who have already taken the test.

The test questions have multiple answer choices, and the chance of picking the correct option by wild-guess is very slim. This is why we have sourced and packaged this score-boosting study pack to expose you to the latest question formats and give you the edge you need over your competition.

You can test yourself online if you visit, then see how you will perform in the actual test.

The study pack contains actual questions and valuable tips to help you answer the test questions and guarantee success in

  1. Part one (Competency questionnaire),
  2. The part two (Elements Logical Reasoning) and
  3. Part three ( Numerical Reasoning)


Standard Chartered Bank Aptitude test Study pack can be accessed instantly as soon as your purchase is complete. The study pack is in PDF format.

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Sample of Standard Chartered Bank Aptitude test Past Questions

26 reviews for Standard Chartered Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers

  1. Alexis

    This is really good. I saw most questions especially the logical.

  2. Flexxy Kain

    would have given a 5-star, The book is just right, the questions are actual solved. But I really struggled with opening the pack the first time… Why so complex!

    • Samuel (verified owner)

      This studypack is now in .pdf… you dont need to follow any instruction to open. Its easy to access

  3. Anthony

    Great material…

  4. Jehlani Azizi

    Hi team, Im Kenyan… I purchased your study pack and want to say thank you with a review, I got 90th percentile for logical and 95 in Numerical. I was also listed for the Mgmt trainee position after the interview. Your book helped a great deal. Thanks and Keep on with the good works.

  5. Teddy

    It was really helpful
    Got 80percentile on the numerical there were a few different questions though but I had gotten the gist from the practices
    Fingers crossed for the video interview

  6. John Nnaji

    It does what it says… havent heard my result after interview though.

  7. Antonia

    Very informative, although I feel the answers should be further explained. I mean, how do you expect me to understand all those complex shapes and tables. I aint no weirdo…

  8. Charity (verified owner)

    I actually took a step of faith in getting this pack for 4700, despite finding some other website which offered cheaper prices, but I can say I dont regret at all. I scored 95th percentile in the numerical and scored 88th percentile in logical. its wonderful! first time I will actually score that high in any aptitude test. 🙂 Keep up the good work

    • bipalife

      A very big step taken yielding amazing return.

    • gechidaniels (verified owner)

      I bought the same study pack last year when i was about to write the exams, it helped me very well to pass the Logical aspect of it but dint make it with the numerical part.

    • gechidaniels (verified owner)

      I wanted an updated version of this study pack, which made me purchase this one, although it wasn’t the updated one, I complained about it and they quickly replied to my message with a 2018 updated version of it. This 2018 version seems more explanatory than the previous one, the questions were all answered with explanations to them.
      Keep up the good work guys.
      Thank you

  9. richard mundong (verified owner)

    The ebook is well made… questions reflect actual talentq tests with few repetitions as actual. Would have been perfect if there were more full length tests.

  10. Miguel A (verified owner)

    5/5 for delivery
    5/5 for content simulation
    5/5 for ease of access
    5/5 for support as well. well done guys

  11. Ken Madisson (verified owner)

    the curators of this study material no doubt have extensive knowledge of the exam… I saw a few questions from the online exam I took last night. If combined with a timed online practice, even a first time SC test taker will score very high as I did

  12. cynthia

    since its an ebook can someone share on dropbox pls

  13. Kaveri shamanewadi

    I want to practice

  14. Ziig Mwanga (verified owner)

    questions are very much like the real test I took. Better if its timed so that one can better evaluate readiness. My score was 88th percentile though. Thank you

  15. Tim (verified owner)

    it is super helpful… the ebook simply exposes some of the actual tests with answers. leaving time to focus on the other questions and sections. I got the 95th percentile. I recommend this

  16. Derrick (verified owner)

    This book is very well worth its price. the nice reviews I read earlier was not a hoax

  17. Phoebe (verified owner)

    I actually bought this questions yesterday. It didn’t help my friend on the personality (strength) test. Cause I looked through it and some of the answers weren’t correct. I passed mine though. I think you guys need to look at the answers again. But the numerical and verbal most questions came out. So that helped

  18. Jung (verified owner)

    very good ebook. insufficient explanations, please take note

  19. Anushka (verified owner)

    I wont deny, this is a well done job. there are questions that look like those I wrote last year. शाबाश बहुत खूब

  20. Zuhru (verified owner)

    Helped me a lot on the online test. However I feel the explanation are not very detailed enough. I sent multiple emails to ask about a particular answer but all I kept getting was promises. Im happy I scaled the test though

  21. Munir un-lee (verified owner)

    I got a great feedback for you. Took the talent q test last night and the out come was positive. Im qualified for video interview. Thank you for your insightful test prep. Gracias

  22. Gbede basirat (verified owner)

    I just did the logical
    I passed it
    Thank you
    I was below average before and the moment I practiced
    I was above average
    My percentile was 95%

  23. Chay (verified owner)

    I love the fact that I got practice with the logical questions
    But, with further analysis and further help –

    I noticed Some of your answers that you give are not correct.

    I loved that I had extra questions to practice, I just wish the answers were more accurate so that I did not have to get a another person to help check my work again.

  24. susan (verified owner)

    The studypack was super helpful. My test came out just as in the book. Thank you and nice job.
    Kindly also work on improving explanations. I couldnt really follow some explanations given.

  25. Tayo

    Please I need the book, my exam is tomorrow

  26. Toluwani

    I passed… I passed!!! Thanks a lot Teststreams

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