Primary 4 Computer Video Lesson | Complete Session

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Primary 4 tutorial video is all you need for holistic ingrained understanding of the subject. With 8+ on-demand lesson videos, this is the complete class you need to help yourself, your child/ward or your learners get the best available knowledge out of Primary 4 Computer Science!


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Introduction to Primary 4 Video Lesson (Complete Session)

Master Primary 4 Computer Science Easy!

Welcome to Primary 4 Computer Science Lesson Complete Session. This complete package will help you gain holistic ingrained understanding of all the topics treated in Primary 4 Computer Science. With 24+ standard on-demand lesson videos, whether you are a just preparing ahead for primary 4, as a pupil or you need to revise for some examination, Lesson will serve you well.


This is not an inflated description of this package. Here are some of the features we have included in the lessons to achieve this:

  • In-depth, practical explanation of each concept taught
  • Relation of theoretical concepts to their real world occurrences and applications
  • Illustrative display of the tools, devices and accessories discussed to help you identify them in the real world
  • Exercises, examples, QUIZZES and ASSIGNMENTS to instil comprehension and retention of information
  • Tips to answer questions in examination scenarios
  • 8+ easy-to-follow downloadable e notes and lots more.


At the end of the lesson, we can guarantee that you, your child/ward, or your student will:

  • see and appreciate the practicality and indispensability of Computer Science
  • be able to recognize and relate better with Computer Science gadgets and accessories
  • develop sufficient competence to answer Computer Science related questions even outside the academic space
  • better retain the voluminous information in Primary 4 Computer Science as given in schools and textbooks.

Have I also mentioned? This tutorial is a great help if you are a teacher planning to take Primary 4 Pupils in schools or tutorial centres. You will get first hand; the standard NERDC topics, with their teaching methods and learning objectives. You may also find the notes provided helpful in drafting your own lesson notes.


You have totally NOTHING TO LOSE! On a single purchase, with our UNRESTRICTED 1-YEAR ACCESS, you will be able to engage in the lessons anywhere and as many times as you like, within your subscription period! What’s more, when we update the lesson or add new classes within your validity period, you get a FREE access to the extra classes too!

The feature also opens you up to freely chat the instructor and other Primary 4 Computer Science pupils out there (parents and teachers too). You will have fun discussion about the topics, and share your ideas with them. Don’t let yourself, your child/ward or your pupil be the only one left out.


Our lessons are already compliant with the NERDC Scheme of Work. As such, after completing this lesson, you may not need any additional class to perform excellently at your school exams, national papers and related Computer Science examinations.


The topics we have treated here comply with the up-to-date NERDC Scheme of Work. A few of these include:

  • The Computer System
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer Memory
  • Computer software
  • Operating system
  • Utilities
  • Application Software
  • Booting the computer system
  • Data Information
  • Sources of Information
  • Computer as IPO ….and lots more

In this tutorial lesson, ample time is taken to comprehensively explain each concept.

With our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature, you can always reach us if you have any complaint or need further help with any aspect.


Who This Tutorial lesson is for:

  • Pupils Preparing to resume into Primary 4
  • Pupils who need better understanding of Primary 4  topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from Primary 4  Topics
  • Computer Science enthusiasts/Instructors seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of Primary 4 Computer Science.


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