Student Websites

Student Websites

From studying to daily motivation, you need these websites in your life.

So maybe you need some resources that can make life easier for you as a student, or maybe you are a grauate student in need of some motivation. Check out these websites, tools, and motivational tricks to help you be on top of your game.

Let’s get started!

1. Google  (Just google it)

“Google it” is already a familiar cliche on our lips today. This website has definately kicked off other search engines like yahoo, which just got sold out to verizon. Google has answers to virtually every question you might have, maybe not directly, but its a good website to tell what your challenge is. Guess what, I just checked out the meaning of “cliche”

2. Prezi

Terrified of public speaking? Use Prezi! The awesome graphics and professional layouts will amaze your professor so much that he won’t even notice you’re reading straight from your notecards.

3. Nairaland


Even as a student having loads of assignments and chores to deal with, there is need to keep up with what is happening around you. When it comes to getting instant information on current affairs in its most natural way, without getting overwhelmed trying to surf all of the articles on news sites. Nairaland is still a great website to visit. The fact that that most of its content is generated by users makes it even more updated.

4.Keep Me Out

Maybe you’re just like me, you don’t have the willpower to stay off your favorite social media sites while doing your homework or something very important. There’s a website to help you. Not really popular here in Nigeria, but this site will prevent you from accessing your favorite sites for a length of time that you set.

5. Alarmy

You might be able to get away with hitting snooze and skipping your classes just to have a little more slumber, but your future boss isn’t going to appreciate you “sleeping past your alarm.” If getting out of your bed is not your thing, then this is the app for you.

6. RealCalc

Maybe maths isn’t really your way and you see no reason to buy an expensive multifunctional scientific calc, then maybe you should head for Realcalc, it does it all for you for free.

7. Wolfram-Alpha

You need help with your homework or a website that answers all of your homework questions for you? I find this website particularly amazing. It will point you in the direction of helpful resources than can help. So incase you  remember anything from your school math classes, just head for Wolfram-Alpha


TED Talks are Great! You can use them to get some motivation or Get your next presentation title.

Check any smart student’s computer, you will find some TED Talks.

9. Shortlist Nigeria


As much as you may try to ignore it (maybe because they demand some token in subscription fees), the fact is that it is easier to get IT-Placements and jobs using a strong connection that Philips consulting offers. For most of us, it’s even easier. The advantage is that they don’t do job advertisement, they just take your cv, and connect you with the best employment that matches your interests.

10. TestStreams


So much easier than trying to navigate all the confusing information lots of job-boards and blog provides. It’s just like Google of study materials focusing only on popular exams in Nigeria and provides the most credible information that never makes you go wrong.

Did you find this list helpful? which one are you just discovering? Or maybe there are other helpful websites that you use, Add them in the comment box below. You might be saving someone’s life out there.

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