How to pass Standard Chartered Bank Online Assessments

How to pass Standard Chartered Bank Online Assessments

Standard Chartered Bank online Assessment could appear easy, or it could be a very hard nut to crack. All depends on how you prepare for it. Since the process is usually highly competitive, you must score within the higher percentile to stand any chance of proceeding to advanced stages of the recruitment.

The aim of this article is to show you a better strategy used by many candidates who have been successful at previous standard chartered bank online assessments.

Standard Chartered Bank Online Assessments

About Standard Chartered Bank online Assessment:

Standard Chartered bank’s online assessment comes in two stages; Candidates are required to

  1. Complete an Competency questionnaire (C.Q), and
  2. Take the cognitive assessments (Comprising of Elements Logical and Numerical Reasoning).

The competency questionnaire presents 20 work scenarios that Standard chartered graduate employees might face, and you are required to give responses as to what you will most likely and least likely do in such situation.

In the cognitive assessment section, each question is timed for about 75-seconds.

The questions are computer adaptive – meaning the difficulty level increases as you progressively choose the correct answers, and so does you percentile ranking.

We won’t dive really deep into the questionnaire section – It’s pretty basic. Rather, we will look at how to crack the online logical and numerical assessments, that’s where the cookie will likely crumble for most candidates.

Standard Chartered Bank Online Assessments

Why the online cognitive assessment is used:

The online assessments section seeks to measure potential employee’s ability to find patterns, follow logical rules and understand numerical information, which are all important skills for every bank job.

Lets quickly look through a few case questions.

Section 1 – Elements Logical Reasoning:

This section of the assessment includes shapes and symbols. You task is to find the shape that replaces the question mark, based on the pattern.

Here is what it looks like.

Example Question:

Which figure completes the logical sequence below, as indicated by the question mark sign (?) in the box.

Standard Chartered Bank online assessments



The correct answer is C

Looking across each rows, for cell-2, mentally move the shapes in cell 1 to cell-2, then flip the 2nd triangle, that gives you cell- 2 shapes. For cell-3, mentally move cell-2 shapes to cell-3 but flip the 1st triangle. If you look at the second row, this rule is very much in order. Applying this rule to row-3, Answer is B

Section 1 – Elements Numerical Reasoning:

The numerical reasoning section presents numerical data in tables. Each table followed by 3 questions and several possible answer choices. You will only need basic mathematical skills to answer the questions, but they could be quite technical. We have provided well explained solutions to a lot of similar numerical questions in our standard chartered bank preparation pack.


General Guide for Excellent Score:

Psychometric experts have realized that one major mistake test candidates make, is to wait till they receive the invitation email before they begin preparation. This is a very wrong approach! Because you will have only about 5 days to complete the test, which is not sufficient to prepare.

Remember, you are not only trying to pass the test; you have to perform better, and score higher than a number of high-potential or maybe even better qualified candidates.


Before you sit the actual tests, make sure you take the practice tests offered by the official TalentQ website. You will have the opportunity to take these practice tests just before your actual tests. Ideally this should form part of your preparation. You can just access the practice tests here.


Go to Talent-Q official test practice site and take the first round of practice test. Make sure you sit for the test as if you are taking your actual test. The interface and system is generally the same. Once you are done, check your email for a performance report. Don’t worry if you didn’t score high enough.


Study a number of TalentQ practice scenarios. You can get our recommended talentQ prep pack here.  The study pack will reveal actual test scenerios, solved questions and also help you learn the best strategy to tackle each question type under pressure.


Go back to the Talent Q practice site, and take the test again. Your score should be very high this time. But wait! before you take your actual test, revise the questions from the  study pack one more time.


Get all the right tools

Your checklist should include, a good calculator, lots of rough paper, a few pens and a watch.

The timing is 75 Seconds per question for the elements logical and 90 Seconds per question for the numerical test.

Set the right environment

If you live alone, you can skip this step, but if you share room with friend or family, you’ll do well to inform them of what you have coming up, and how important this means to you. If you don’t tell them, they may set you up for a lot of distraction.

If you don’t trust that they will keep to these rules, then it’s best you find another location. You can use a friend’s house, a private cafe, or maybe stay back at your office after work; You don’t want to wait another 12-months for another opportunity to get your dream job placement at Stan-chart.


Avoid wild guessing

There’s only a very slim chance that you’ll pick correct answers by choosing randomly. That’s because the test has too many answer choices; and since you want to be more accurate in your answers, do not be tempted to guess haphazardly  to try and finish all the questions.  Work carefully and as quickly as you can.

Don’t Look too much at the timer

Constantly peeping at the timer will only put you under more pressure. Rather, focus on the task! Make sure you work as fast as possible, pace yourself properly and ensure you’ve perfected your best strategy to answer each question scenario. Don’t forget to breathe!

Keep moving!

Each question in the test is timed. To do well, your speed is as important as your accuracy. You dont have to allow the time allotted for a question to run out,  just click next and save some time. It’ll count for you as good speed!

If you follow everything I’ve shared here, there’s no doubt that you’ll score very high.

Good Luck!


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