If you are invited to attend IPS interview, here are IPS (Uniport) possible interview questions and guide to put your in the right shape.

There will be a panel of judges (typically 8) with representatives from Total, IFP, NNPC, PTDF and University of Port-harcourt. They will try to intimidate you but do not be, always stay confident.

Be punctual for interview at least 30minutes before time.

Be able to defend everything in your CV and go to the venue with all your certificates and relevant documents. You can dictate the pace and direction of your interview by channeling your answers towards your strong points.

Key traits applicants should demonstrate include:

  • Humility yet Boldness,
  • Consistency,
  • Sincerity, don’t be over confident.

The interview questions will vary from the standard interview questions, to behavioral interview questions and then some professional questions (Questions based on your field).

1.Tell us about yourself: (Standard)

Name, Educational background, Professional Certificates, Work experience, future goal, e.t.c

2.Tell us about a project you have worked on: (Professional)

Objective, It’s relation to the industry/solving real life problems, Challenges and how they were overcome.

3.If you had a difficult lecturer or colleague or boss, what will you do? (Behavioral)

4.Why IPS? (Behavioral)

5.What do you know about IPS? (Standard)

6.How do you intend to sponsor yourself? (Standard)

7.If not granted admission to IPS, what will you do/ what are your backup plans? (Behavioral)

8.Are you pursuing masters in another school? If yes, which school, course and why did you choose that school?

9.If working, what do you intend to do about your work. If not granted study leave will you quit? If yes, why? (Behavioral)

10.Where did you serve?  (Behavioral)

Don’t insinuate redeployment or that you worked your service posting.

11.If no jobs and no education in the world, what will you do? (Behavioral)

12.What is Petroleum Engineering? (Professional)

13.What kind of Petroleum Engineer will you like to be? (Behavioral)

They are not asking you to name the types of petroleum engineers, its just to know why you chose petroleum engineering in the first place. You life philosophy can go in here…

14.If B.Eng isn’t Petroleum Engineering you might be asked; Why do you want to change from your field to Petroleum Engineering? (Professional)

15.What did you learn from your previous course of study (If not Petroleum Engineering) that will help in Petroleum Engineering? (Professional)

16.Where do you want to be in the next 5/10 years? (Standard)

17.Tell us about your family background. (Standard)

18.Why should we pick you? (Standard)

19.Do you have a question for us? (Standard)

If you are looking for a study material for the exam, you can find their past questions material here

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