Today, I want to show you how to prepare and pass FIRST bank aptitude test. Sit back and enjoy your read.

From time to time, firms in Nigeria recruit fresh graduates into their workforce. They call this ‘talent acquisition’. Every company would need to integrate fresh hands, ideas and talents into the system to handle the company’s work which is expanding. This creates a platform for fresh graduates to contribute their quota to the realization of the company’s goals and objectives.

Considering the large number of graduates available for these job openings, firms are forced to conduct several tests for applicants. Another reason is to filter applicants so that the right people get the right jobs. These tests comes in stages, ranging from online tests to physical tests, covering tests such as aptitude tests, IQ tests, personality tests, etc.

FIRST bank is no exception. FIRST bank conducts series of tests for their applicants in categories such as the entry level programme or the graduate trainee programme. As mentioned above, it ranges from online to physical tests which covers aptitude tests, IQ tests, etc.

In this post, I’ll like to focus on the steps to take if you want to pass the FIRST bank aptitude tests. These tips will show you how to prepare and pass the test easily.


The first step in passing the tests is applying successfully. When FIRST bank recruitment begins, make sure you read the advert correctly and see if it suits you. If yes, then apply appropriately with your details. Most banks have what they seek out for in their applicants aside from possessing the skills and educational exposure for the job. For the records, FIRST bank mostly prefers applicants to be of a certain age range. (Applicants are not expected to be more than 24 years). Is this correct?

This step is important because you get to know if it’s an online test or a computer based test or both. If you don’t get the application process right or you do not meet the requirements in terms of age limits or required skills, you may not be invited for the test. This first step ensures that you are invited for the test. After application, it is advised to always check your mail as you can be invited at any time for an online or computer based test. You can’t afford to be offline when the test invite finally comes. This happened to me before. I applied to one of the banks in Nigeria. I received an email that I have been shortlisted for an online test. The test was required to be completed before that day ends and unfortunately, I was offline. I had ran out of data.


After you have successfully applied and you got shortlisted, common sense demands that you begin to study for the tests right away. For the smart folks, they begin their study even before applying for the job. Some other smart folks begin to prepare for these tests right after graduation, even during their NYSC programme. They begin to train themselves beforehand knowing that they would write aptitude tests for the various firms they hope to work for.

The main point is that you should begin to prepare regardless of the time you start. At this point, it is expected that you already know the study pattern that is most suitable for you. And it is essential to prepare with the right materials.. At TestStreams, we also offer well designed study packs for job tests in Nigeria. (FIRST bank study pack inclusive). This pack will get you prepared on what to expect in the test. A good number of job applicants have used our study material and they have attested to its quality. A link on how to get FIRST bank study pack will be shared at the end of this post.


This step is very essential. After you have studied with the pack you choose to get, the next step is to practice as many times as possible. This process helps you to be familiar with the questions. It enables you to identify related questions to what you have studied in the actual exam. And this makes it easy for you to answer the questions. During practice, you get to discover secrets that were hitherto unknown and your confidence level is built.

It is important to time yourself during practice. The test would be timed and you would be required to answer those questions in a stipulated time. It could be in 1 hour or 30 minutes or more. Timed practice is also a good source for feedback. It helps you know areas where you need to approve.

Know the rules

This step involves knowing the rules for taking the tests. Example includes – no use of calculator, time limit, etc. This is very important as it informs your preparation. For instance, calculators are not allowed for most aptitude tests. It makes no sense to practice with calculators when the test would require you not to. Now you may ask, how I get to know these rules. You can find them from senior colleagues who have taken the exam before, you can also get such info by googling.

Be there on time.

You have to be on time for the test. Especially if it’s a physical test. Ensure you get adequate sleep a night to the exam and do not go late. This can ruin all the hard-work and preparation you have put into preparing for the test and can reduce your confidence level. Those who are late for a test would need a certain amount of time to gain balance and time is not your friend on the test. So ensure you are punctual.


There is no shortcut in passing the FirstBank aptitude test other than with adequate study and practice with relevant materials. This we have provided for you at This study pack will prepare you on what to expect in the actual exam.

First bank aptitude test usually comes with 50 questions in 30 minutes or 100 questions in 1 hour. However, this is subject to change. The questions are sectioned into Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and IQ tests. It is important you pay attention to the instructions on the test which will guide you. It is also advised that you go with necessary materials such as writing materials and your wristwatch.

You should try to stick to the time and solve questions quickly. You have to be calm and calculated while racing against time.

You can also get more information about the test by reaching out to the HR department of Firstbank.

With adequate preparation and practice, success is guaranteed for you.

Here’s the link to get the FIRST bank study pack.

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