How to Prepare and Pass any Dragnet Aptitude Test

As a fresh graduate in Nigeria today, one of the tasks you’ll have to face is a Dragnet aptitude test. Being a little nervous about the Dragnet exam is normal. To reduce that anxiety, you must approach the test with a solid preparation plan and execute on that plan.

In this post, I want to share with you on how you can make the most out of practice sessions, prepare the right way and set yourself up for guaranteed success in the test. Others have succeeded, you can too. Just read on…

Stage 1: After application –

a. Kick-start preparation immediately:

Getting ready for the any Dragnet test takes time and hard work if you must pass the test at your very first attempt. It also takes the right approach. Like any important goal, preparation and hard work pay off. 

Having said that, the best time to prepare for Dragnet aptitude test is to begin immediately after you submit your application. You may want to read this earlier post on why I kept failing aptitude tests

How do I know the test is going to be Dragnet? you may ask.

Well, its true that sometimes after you have submitted application for a job, you may not know the test will be administered by Dragnet until the invitation email arrives. Teststreams’ website will inform you adequately. You can just use the search box on www.teststreams.com to check out the format for the test. For example if you applied for job at oando, you can just google “teststreams oando”. You will get helpful information from the search results.

b. Get the right study resources:

The internet is flooded with a whole lot of information. One thing you have to be sure of is that every information you are able to garner from the internet might be some what helpful. So it might be wise to keep track of those information. 

You’ll want to check out some dragnet materials here

c. Practice the right way:

Having acquired a Dragnet aptitude test practice material is a good first step, but not enough. You need to use it right, if you want to find it helpful.

Dragnet past questions are usually not some “dumps”  or “Expo”. Most times you will not see questions word for word, as questions will likely not be the same thing you see in actual test. One thing that never changes however is the test format. So, you need not CRAM, rather, you should practice to learn how it is solved. Extra research may be needed on how to solve the question even faster.To practice right, you should seek to learn how to solve the questions.

d. Hone your skills:

There are the combination of knowledge and ability that allows you to find the correct answers to dragnet aptitude test questions.

Basic skills you will need to perform well in the test includes:
a. Math skills: ratios, algebra, percentages, and so on.
b. Reading quickly and retaining information
c. Breaking down arguments
d. Grammar skills
e. Analytical ability, and so on;

These skills can be learnt, and improved upon. You need to practice and perfect your skills. Here are some materials I will recommend.

How to answer verbal reasoning.

Dragnet logical reasoning study pack

Dragnet complete study pack

Stage 2: During the test

a. Check your Pace and endurance:

The Dragnet aptitude test is both a sprint and a marathon. You have less than a minute, on average, for each verbal question and barely a minute for each quantitative or numerical question. With unlimited time, you, and most test takers, would get most of the questions right.
You don’t have unlimited time, however, so it is essential that you develop the ability to work through these questions very quickly so that you can put your Dragnet test skills to their best use.
Speed, however, is not enough; at nearly an hour in length, but the pressure will be intense. This quiet moments alone on the computer requires that you have extraordinary mental stamina so that you to stay focused throughout the test. The best way to prepare yourself for the pacing challenges of the Dragnet test is to take several practice tests while observing strict time limits. Set a timer for yourself while taking the test and ensure you stop taking the test when your time is up.

b. Guessing technique:

Everybody has to guess sometimes. You may not be sure about the mathematical point in question, you may not be able to figure out exactly what the question is trying to ask, or you may just run out of time. What differentiates good test takers from great test takers is the ability to guess in such a way as to maximize the chances for a correct answer. 
So how do you develop these skills?

Practice, practice, practice.

The content of teststreams’ dragnet study pack will provide you with factual information about the Dragnet test skills you will need in order to answer questions on the test, as well as some valuable advice about how to approach pacing and guessing.

In summary, in this post we have attempted to demystify and explain all the needed skills  to pass Dragnet aptitude test. The one thing you can’t get around, though, is time. The more time and energy you devote to preparation, the better your odds are of achieving your goals and passing dragnet aptitude test. Get started now. Good luck!

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