How to Answer Dragnet Physical Verification Aptitude Tests

How to Answer Dragnet Physical Verification Aptitude Tests

As a result of high volume of application that is associated with fresh graduate jobs, Dragnet had since 2017, included online aptitude test as part of its assessment process. The aim is to whittle-down the number of applicants, and ensure that only successful candidates make it to the physical assessment.

Since there is currently no valid means to determine if candidates took the online test fairly (without any external assistance), a final performance verification test is conducted to select the best candidates who will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Dragnet Physical verification test is usually more challenging than the online test as more cognitive skills will be tested under a supervised (proctored) environment. The test usually mostly comprise of;

  1. Numerical reasoning test
  2. Verbal reasoning test
  3. Abstract reasoning test

Occasionally, candidates will be required to take discipline specific tests, written essays and competency questionnaire. In most cases, Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract/Diagrammatic reasoning will form the core areas of the test.

Facts about Dragnet Physical Verification Assessment

1. Time won’t be enough: One popular statement you will hear after the test is “the questions were not that difficult, just the time wasnt enough. Truth is, nearly all candidates will perform very well given enough time. Performance is assessed based on speed and accuracy. It is better to practice under a timed condition. Use your phone stop watch, or watch. This way you are more confident during the actual test.

2. Calculators will not be allowed: While practicing, you should have it in mind that calculators will not be allowed. So you should learn shortcuts to solve simple maths calculations. For example, percent increase from last year value to next year’s value.

3. Experience and Preparation counts: Only a few well-informed candidates ever gets to pass Dragnet’s test the first time. For most candidates, they get their first success mail after writing Dragnet test for 2 or 3 companies or even more. To do well, you must be well prepared. Solve a lot of past questions under timed condition.

4. Past Questions will likely not be repeated: If you have written the test before, you’ll understand what I mean. This does not mean that practicing Dragnet past questions is not beneficial. You should practice the questions with the intention of familiarizing with the type of questions asked, and the principles behind the questions. If you need

Here’s how to approach a Dragnet physical verification test.

1. Arrive early: Psychometric tests do require that you are psychological and emotionally prepared. You might be required also to undergo bio-metric registration before you are allowed into the test room. So the earlier you arrive, the faster you will scale these hurdles and properly settle into the test proper.

2. Practice enough questions: Practice does makes perfect! The most important way to prepare for your test is to take practice questions because this will reduce the element of surprise and will allow you to perform to your true ability.

3. Focus on key areas that matter: You should not only stop at practice, you should adopt Dragnet’s test-taking techniques to really make sure you shine on the day.

  •  Listen to instructions carefully – before your test begins the test administrator will read out the instructions. It is very important you pay attention to these and that you understand them. This is your opportunity to ask questions. You will not be allowed to ask questions once the test has started.
  •  Ignore other people – don’t let yourself become distracted by how quickly or slowly other people are answering the questions. It is important to focus on what you are doing.
  •  Beware the multiple choice options – most options in the tests have what are called distractors. These are options which are deliberately similar to the correct answer or the answer to a silly mistake. Beware of these; they are designed to test if you are reading the question properly.

Finally, Not many people enjoy being tested but it remains an effective way for employers to find the most suitable candidates. Remember Dragnet tests are as much about checking your fit with the organisation as they are for the job’s fit for you. So take heart from the fact that if you didn’t pass a particular test the chances are that you wouldn’t have found the job enjoyable or suitable.

You can find all the practice you need for excellent performance using our complete dragnet test study pack.

Best of luck in your test!

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