Basic strategies to help you pass ICAN exams

Many people say the ICAN exam is difficult, or that the exam cannot be passed in one sitting especially if you are on a 9 to 5 employment. But I say, it is possible if you observe the 3 basic principles to Pass the Ican Exam.

1. You must cover the syllabus.

The syllabus is not just a book. It is a guide in what you are expected to know.
Exam questions will be drawn from each and every section of your syllabus. So make sure you touch everything. At least, be sure that you can attempt a question that comes from any section of the syllabus.

2. You must practice exam questions.

Maximum of 2 weeks before the exam, focus on the exam past questions.
This will not only help you test your rediness, it also helps you prepare the best strategy to tackle the exam. Sometimes, questions format remains the same as what you had prepared. In that case, the paper becomes a work over for you.

3. You must learn the exam techniques.

Timing: You need to set a pace for your self, and allocate time to each question. Once the time you allocated has ellapsed, please move to the next question no matter what. Remember you need to attempt all questions as much  as you. If dont answer a particular question, you lose all marks allotted to that question.

Learn the paper specific techniques:

The technique for auditing is different from the technique for financial reporting. You need to learn the manner of approach for each specific paper type.

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