Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

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The Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test is conducted by Workforce, and contains a mix of Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning. The questions are always unique each year but the format remains the same. Next Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test holds Soon 

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Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

This is a compilation of the test’s past questions which was designed to help you pass Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test. The explanations, advice and answers will ensure that you maximize your tests scores. 

About the Friesland Campina test format

Friesland Campina is administered by Workforce is usually in 3 sections.

  • Numerical problem solving,
  • Verbal reasoning and
  • Critical/Abstract reasoning questions may also be in the form of diagrammatic/abstract reasoning.

The number of questions is usually around 50 questions to be answered in about 50 minutes(Average of 1 Question per minute).

Your speed and accuracy in answering the questions are key to your success in the Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test.

Free Samples Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

A company wants to increase its sales force by 20% and simultaneously
lower the number of all non-sales staff by 7.5%. The company currently has
30 sales personnel and 120 non-sales personnel, what will be the total
number of staff after the desired changes in headcount are made?
(A) 147
(B) 149
(C) 151
(D) 153
(E) 155

At the current exchange rate, 1 pound Naira (₦) is equal to 143.37
Japanese yen (¥). Also, 1 euro (€) is equal to 125.38 Japanese yen. How
much in Naira(₦) is €1,827?
(A) ₦1,348.50
(B) ₦1,483.00
(C) ₦1,597.75
(D) ₦1,718.25
(E) ₦1,928.75


Business computer systems are designed to make workers more productive by
automating a portion of the work that must be completed in a business process.
As a result, the employee is free to perform more tasks that require human
attention. Although productivity may be lost during a learning period, many
businesses experience dramatic gains in productivity after installing a new
computer system. While discussing the connection between productivity gains
and computer systems, a well-respected business journal recently stated that the
person who serves as the Chief Information Officer is the consummate business
computer system.
By comparing a Chief Information Officer to business computer systems,
the journal implicitly argues that
A. Chief Information Officers should always communicate the value of computer
systems to their companies
B. the productivity of a company can be increased through the hiring of a Chief
Information Officer
C. many companies have not improved their productivity with new computer
D. Chief Information Officers are more effective than are new computer systems
E. the impact of a Chief Information Officer on a company’s productivity is difficult
to measure

A commercial property contains 750 square feet of flooring space. A real
estate agency has the property on sale at the asking price of ₦465 per
square foot, along with a commission of 3.5% of the properties value. If a
customer makes an offer on the property of ₦300,000 (which includes the
commission), how much cheaper per square foot is this offer compared to
the asking price? (not including the commission)
(A) ₦78.53
(B) ₦80.49
(C) ₦82.45
(D) ₦84.93
(E) ₦86.24

Question 14

an individual savings account (ISA) is a financial product, allowing customers to avoid paying tax on savings up to £5,640. One customer has £5,000 in an ISA and another customer has £5,000 in a regular savings account. If both savings accounts pay 3% interest (paid once annually) and both customers pay 20% income tax, how much more interest is earned by the customer with the ISA in 1 year? (Income tax is paid on regular interest payments, not ISA’s).

Choose the best option

  1. £30.00
  2. £32.50
  3. £35.00
  4. £37.50
  5. £40.00


Question 15

2006 Global Income (£100,000s)

Friesland Campina Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Choose the best Options

  1. £2.14 million
  2. £2.5 million
  3. £3 million
  4. £3.5 million
  5. £.75 million


You will be presented with a passage to read, and a statement about that passage, for each statement you must select one of the following answers:

True: The statement follows logically from the information contained in the passage. False: the statement is logically false from the information contained in the passage. Cannot Say: it is not possible to determine whether the statement is true or false without further information.


The 2008 A Level results show that 97.2% of students compared with 96.6% in 2007. And 25.9% gained A grades, a rise of 0.6% from the 2007 results. The number of students sitting A levels in 2008 was also up, at a record high of 827,737. This high success-rate is causing concerns in some quarters that the exams are getting easier. However, the government attribute the annual change to the increased spending schools over the period. Meanwhile the general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Dr Mary Bousted, has berated teaching methods in schools as spoon-feeding students to pass exams without developing the desire to continue learning or gaining the skills necessary to learn independently. Adding to the debate, the general secretary of the University and College Union, Sally Hunt, suggested it is unfair to downplay the students results and the hard work of their teachers.

STATEMENT: more money was spent on schools in 2008 than in 2007

Choose the best option

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot say


Section 2 of 4 – Critical Thinking

Question 1

King: The enemy kingdom across the mountains has troubled us for centuries. I want to conquer it once and for all. What is your advice?

Army Chief: If you cross the mountains, a powerful empire will fall.

King: in that case, prepare the soldiers. We start tonight.

Of the following, the strongest criticism of the King’s decision to invade would be that it

Choose the best option

  1. Is bound to lead to the King’s defeat
  2. Is based on an opinion rather than on objective facts about the strength of the enemy’s army
  3. Goes against the Army Chief’s advice
  4. Overlooks the possible meanings of the Army Chief’s advice


Given is one statement followed by multiple assumptions. Which of the given assumption fits best for the statement?

Statement – Having approached the office building, the protesters shouted slogans from near the main gate whole afternoon.

Assumption 1 – The protest was on reducing land tax

Assumption 2 – There were many people gathered for the protest

Assumption 3 – The office building was four-storeyed and the noise was reaching the top floor

Assumption 4 – The Protesters seemed serious about their demands.

Choose the best option

  1. Assumption 1 is Correct
  2. Assumption 2 is Correct
  3. Assumption 3 is Correct
  4. Assumption 4 is Correct
  5. None of the given Options.


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