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Practice taking the PWC  Aptitude Test before exam day with the PWC  Online Aptitude Test Practice Past Questions. These realistic exams simulate the interface, format, difficulty, and length of the actual PWC  exam—helping you develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and pass the exam.

Each full-length mock exam uses a unique set of questions that replicate the difficulty of the actual exams and contains a mix of questions drawn from previous recruitment exams.

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How does the package work?

Answer: It’s 100% online. An online version of our past questions practice bank, so you can practice taking the test on a computer, just like you'll have to do on exam day for the real aptitude test. It works on any device with an internet connection!

How does the score guarantee work?

Answer: We guarantee after completing our premium online practice tests, you'll perform well in your actual test.

Do I get to practice actual past questions ?

Answer: Unlike many other online practice platforms, We give you access to full-length practice tests that includes actual questions that we researched to have appeared in the past. Whilest this doesnt guarantee that those questions will be repeated, the test proctor, difficulty and style will most likely be the same.

What is the advantage of the online practice option?

Answer: Teststreams' online practice tests is perfect for students and candidates who would like to simulate the actual exam condition. If you want to have a most testing experience to assess your level of readiness for an exam or to boost your scoring chances, then the online practice tests is definitely worth your investment.

What types of payment do you accept?

Answer: We process our transactions through Flutterwave, so your credit card info is safe. We accept all cards, as well as bank transfers after order is submitted.

If I'm struggling with a question, can I get help?

Answer: We’re happy to help you with questions you have about any of our material. You can use the "Help" tab on the Dashboard or email us at [email protected] and we'll usually respond within 10minutes during work hours. You can also send us a whatsapp message at (+234) 905-428-1818. We do have limitations to how much we can help during weekends, but in most cases, we can answer all of your questions!

How long do I get access?

Answer: Access lasts for 1 year. After this period, premium practice tests will be removed from your dashboard, and you have to purchase again if you need more access time.

I already bought PDF version is there any difference

Answer: This version of the study pack is only accessible online. There are more questions, and you get access to realistic testing experience. Timed just like the real thing, and you can check your scores and performance immediately after the test. You can also practice as many times as you want, with different questions randomly generated each time.

About this product:

PWC Online Aptitude Test Practice Past Questions

To help you prepare for the PWC Job Aptitude Test, we offer online simulated practice tests and a mock exam. As you work your way through the PWC Online Aptitude Test Practice Past Questions, we recommend pausing to answer practice questions, assessing your level of confidence and accuracy along the way. Then, in advance of the exam, take a mock exam, which mimics the exam-day experience as closely as possible. You can also practice extensive section based tests.


Test Sections Covered:

This practice includes,

1. Numerical Tests Section

2. Verbal Reasoning Test Section

3. Abstract Reasoning Test section

4. Unlimited mock practice Session (Full length tests).

These Practice Questions are based on actual past questions drawn from previous exams and years.


Practice Support:

If you need further clarifications on any particular questions, feel free to post them on our online (members-only) community.


How to Use It

  • Checking your score: For each practice session, You will receive instant feedback on your answers, including detailed explanations for the correct answer.
  • To review your progress: You can go over each test session you have had from the Performance Review Tab of your Premium account dashboard.
  • Practicing offline: For most of our practice tests offered on Teststreams CBT, we have an offline downloadable PDF version. You can find the Buy eBook button on this page.
  • Help with tutoring: Are you having difficulty with any of these tests and need one-on-one tutoring on how to get ahead? Use this contact form to submit a tutoring request.
  • Getting Support: To get support on this product, you can use this contact form to request support.

How to Buy Practice Pack:

Click the button below to order and access your PWC Aptitude Practice pack.

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