GTB Job Aptitude Practice Past Questions

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GTB Online Aptitude Test Practice Past Questions

To help you prepare for the GTB Job Aptitude Test, we offer online simulated practice tests and a mock exam. As you work your way through the GTB Online Aptitude Test Practice Past Questions, we recommend pausing to answer practice questions, assessing your level of confidence and accuracy along the way. Then, in advance of the exam, take a mock exam, which mimics the exam-day experience as closely as possible. You can also practice extensive section based tests.


Test Sections Covered:

This practice includes,

1. Verbal Reasoning Tests Section

2. Critical Thinking Test Section

3. Mathematics Test section

4. Unlimited mock practice Session (Full length tests).

These Practice Questions are based on actual past questions drawn from previous exams and years.


Practice Support:

If you need further clarifications on any particular questions, feel free to post them on our online (members-only) community.


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  • Checking your score: For each practice session, You will receive instant feedback on your answers, including detailed explanations for the correct answer.
  • To review your progress: You can go over each test session you have had from the Performance Review Tab of your Premium account dashboard.
  • Practicing offline: For most of our practice tests offered on Teststreams CBT, we have an offline downloadable PDF version. You can find the Buy eBook button on this page.
  • Help with tutoring: Are you having difficulty with any of these tests and need one-on-one tutoring on how to get ahead? Use this contact form to submit a tutoring request.
  • Getting Support: To get support on this product, you can use this contact form to request support.

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