Wema Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – 2023 Download

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2023 Updated Past Questions for Wema Bank Aptitude Test. Wema bank aptitude test was conducted by in the past. Wema bank aptitude test begins with online 60minutes ability test by GetQualified, and a follow-up verification test if successful. This study pack will help you prepare for all stages of the test faster and easier. It also includes actual questions to help you prepare faster. 2023 Wema Bank will be conducted by seamless Testing

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Wema Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers - 2022 Download

Wema Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – 2023 Download

Wema Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers, will help you prepare faster for your best performance in the job selection aptitude test. Wema bank aptitude test was conducted by in the past. 2023 assessment will be conducted by seamless testing.

The Aptitude test is a standardized test used to measure your work-related cognitive capacity.

To perform your best, a crucial part of your preparation tactics is to practice previous years’ papers. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, and help you create your best preparation strategy.

Wema Bank assessment Test Format

  • Numerical reasoning,
  • Verbal reasoning and
  • Logical reasoning

Sample Wema Bank assessment invite

Dear Candidate,

You have been invited to take an employment test by Wema Bank. (It is recommended you take this test using a computer).

Kindly view the test schedule below:

Opening date: Thu. 10 Nov 2022 10:00:00

Closing date: Sat. 12 Nov 2022 18:00:00 — (It is advised you take the test before it closes)

Ready to take the test?



from Wema Bank
During this test, intermittent snapshots of you would be taken and sent as part of your test result, please ensure your device has a functional front-facing camera

You will be requested to switch on your device camera before you can proceed to see the test questions

Having a third party around to help with the answers or checking up such on the internet during this test would be considered as cheating and you will be disqualified

If these requirements have been met, kindly proceed by clicking the button below

Wema Bank Online test: Wema Bank Aptitude Test online test comprises of 97 questions


SAMPLE Wema Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions

Read the passage below and decide if the statements that follow are True, False or if you
Cannot Tell.

1. Smoking can cause problems in many work environments. In the office it can not only lead to
heated arguments, but to health problems as well. Indeed the New England Journal of Medicine
(NEJM) recently reported that passive smoking, or the involuntary inhalation of other people’s
smoke, can be a major health hazard. Like regular smokers, it puts passive smokers at an
increased risk of developing chest and circulatory diseases.
Passive smoking means inhaling someone else’s smoke.


2. The student was extremely foolhardy; he had the _______to question the senior professor’s


7. The government has attempted to integrate the environmental clean-up of industry under one
umbrella. To minimise environmental damage, the volume of pollutants emitted from a plant has
to be authorised by an official pollution control inspectorate. Industry has complained repeatedly
about the time and cost of getting operations approved under the new system. The inspectors
maintain, however, that industry often has itself to blame for delays, as many applications provide
insufficient data.
Industry has also worried about public access to the inforn1ation it supplies to get authorisation.
Information can only be withheld from public registers on the grounds of commercial
confidentiality, if a con1pany can prove it would be disadvantaged by disclosure.
There would be no environmental destruction if there were no pollutants
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot say


8. Corruption is_________ in our society; the integrity of even senior officials is__________.


Numerical Reasoning
Section 3 – Numerical Reasoning has 20 questions and a 25 minute time limit. In this section, you
will be provided with a question and 5 answer options. You should select the correct answer or
what you believe to be the correct answer based on your calculations.
Before starting this section, please ensure you have with you a pen or pencil and some paper for
your workings. You may also wish to have a calculator available to help you although it is not

1. A collection contains US, Indian and British stamps. If the ratio of US to Indian stamps is 5 to
2 and the ratio of Indian to British stamps is 5 to 1, what is the ratio of US to British stamps?
A. 5 : 1
B. 10 : 5
C. 15 : 2
D. 20 : 2
E. 25 : 2

2. If f(x) = (x + 2) / (x-2) for all integers except x=2, which of the following has the greatest value?
A. F(-1)
B. F(O)
C. F(1)
D. F(3)
E. F(4)

3. If an object travels at five feet per second, how many feet does it travel in one hour?
A. 30
B. 300
C. 720
D. 1800
E. 18000

4. 12 litres of water are poured into an aquarium of dimensions 50cm length, 30cm breadth, and
40cm height. How high (in cm) \will the water rise? (1 litre : 1000cm3)
A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 20
E. 40

5. Of the following, which is greater than 1/2?
A. 2/5
B. 4/7
C. 4/9
D. 5/11
E. 6/13


Your speed and accuracy in answering the questions is key to your success in this test, and it could be quite a hassle especially when the timer is counting down your face.

Physical test: Wema bank verification test will only be taken by successful candidates in online test. It may contain sections such as the previous online test, or simply to fill a competency questionnaire and oral interview.

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  1. Eze (verified owner)

    material looks good, hoping it will be helpful. thank you

  2. Lola (verified owner)

    no explanation to some questions… only answers. How am I to know how you arrived at the answer to them. Im not that good @maths. Great material but could improve.

  3. Jonah (verified owner)

    All thanks to this material…
    My score was
    General Ability 78.0%
    Verbal Reasoning 80.0%
    Numerical Reasoning 92.0%
    Total score = 83%

  4. Mahmood (verified owner)

    Wooh!!! need I say more… this material is the best. I scored 72% ,It was nice doing business with teststreams 🙂

  5. Chinelo

    I scored 62%. Its the first time I will score this high in aptitude test. Im really grateful to God and this teststreams book *I will always come here for any test in future. Thank you very very much

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