Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2023

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Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2022/2023

Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2022/2023

Have you applied and also got shortlisted for the Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Aptitude Test?
If yes, Here is Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers to prepare for the Aptitude Test. Practicing with purpose is one of the keys to scoring your best in the Seplat Scholarship Test For Undergraduates.This ebook will help you prepare faster using actual questions from previous year’s exam and help you guarantee success.

Seplat Scholarship Undergraduate Exam Format

Sample of Seplat Scholarship Test For Undergraduate

1. Statistic is not concerned with scientific methods for collecting, summarizing, presenting and
analyzing data as well as withdrawing valid conclusions and making reasonable decisions on the
basis of analysis.

True or False?


2. A variable that can theoretically assume any value between two given values is called what?
(a) Constant
(b) Discrete
(c) Continuous
(d) Inductive


3. The phase of statistics dealing with conclusions under which such inference is valid is called
(a) Deductive statistics
(b) Descriptive statistics
(c) Inductive statistics
(d) Probability Statistics


4. The phase of statistics that seeks only to describe and analyses a given group without drawing
any conclusion inferences about a larger group is called what?
(a) Deductive statistics
(b) Probability Statistics
(c) Inductive statistics
(d) Non-Probability Statistics


5. A more convenient way of writing numbers using powers of 10 as in the case of 864,000,000
into two decimal places is
(a) 8.64 × 108
(b) 8.64 × 107
(c) 0.864 × 109
(d) 0.0864 × 1010


6. Given that 2 – 1= y/y, what is y/y
(a) y
(b) 2
(c) 0
(d) 1


7. 101 could be written as what?
(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) 10-1
(d) 10


12. What is the name of the former Chief Executive of Finbank who was sacked by Lamido Sanusi
on Central Bank reforms?
A. Cecilia Ibru
B. Okey Nwosu
C. Bartholemew Ebong
D. Sebastian Adigwe
E. Erastus


13. The duration of Professor Soludo as Governor of Central Bank Spanned?
A. 3years
B. 4years
C. 5 years
D. 6 years
E. 41/2 years


14. Kankia Local Government is located in?
A. Kano State
B. Borno State
C. Kastina State
D. Niger State
E. Jigawa State


1. In_________, the first Aeroplane in Nigeria landed in Kano State.
A. 1925
B. 1937
C. 1961
D. 1955


2. In the Nigerian Industry, NAPA is known as_________.
A. Nigeria Professional Agency
B. National Professional Association
C. Nigeria Airports Professional Association
D. Nigerian Professional Association


3. The first Nigerian female military pilot is_________.
A. Itinu Hotonu
B. Aderonke Kale
C. Blessing Liman
D. Josephine Okwuekeleke Tolefe


4. All of the following Common Wealth Countries except_______, were part of the British
Empire, out of which the Commonwealth was formed.
A. Mozambique
B. Bangladesh
C. South-Africa
D. Tuvalu


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