IPS UNIPORT Aptitude Test Past Questions Study pack- PDF Download

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Past IPS (Institute of Petroleum Studies) and OTI (Offshore training Insitute), entrance examination past questions and answers. With this pack, you will get:

  • Bonus practice material and ebook,
  • Official / Scanned copies of the past questions with answers.
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IPS UNIPORT Aptitude Test Past Questions Study pack

This IPS (UNIPORT) Aptitude Test Past Questions Study pack, will help you prepare faster and adequately for your best performance in the test.
A crucial part of IPS entrance exam preparation is to solve and practice previous years’ question papers. This will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, helps you create your best preparation strategy.

This question bank reveals some actual test screen shots to give you the best preparation possible.

What is the format for this test?

IPS entrance Test Questions is usually a combination of

  • Engineering mathematics,
  • Use of English,
  • Physics,
  • Current affairs and
  • General Engineering awareness.

The exam is Computer Based, although it formerly was a Paper and Pencil test.

Accessing Your Study pack:

The study pack is immediately downloadable as an email attachment once your purchase is complete. This study pack is  in .PDF format.

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Sample IPS (UNIPORT) Aptitude Test Past Questions and answers

Use of English

Choose the letter of the option that fills the blank spaces

1. The late politician had an —–ambition to rule the country.

A. obtuse

B. insipid

C. infantile

D. inappropriate

E. inordinate

See the AnswerThe correct answer is E.

2. He is very tired. He really is —–staying up late

A. getting used to

B. not used to

C. got used to

D. used to

E. being used to

See the AnswerThe correct answer is B.

3. I am sure that my mother will not find out. She is so —- that she will accept anything I tell her.

A. credible

B. credulous

C. creditable

D. incredible

E. incredulous

See the AnswerThe correct answer is B.

Choose the letter of the option that means the same as the word in italics.4. ArdorA. ZealB. PaintC. ProofD. GroupE. ExcitementSee the AnswerThe correct answer is A.

5. ImpetuousA. JustB. FlagrantC. RashD. InsaneE. RedoneSee the AnswerThe correct answer is C.

Click here to get the complete IPS (UNIPORT) aptitude-test past questions studypackPhysics Questions6. A piece of wood is floating on water. The forces acting on the wood areA. Upthrust and reactionB. Weight and reactionC. Weight and upthrustD. Upthrust and viscosityE. Weight and viscositySee the AnswerThe correct answer is C.

7. A rocket burns fuel at the rate of 10 kgs-1 and ejects the exhaust gases at a velocity of 5 x 103 ms-1. The thrust exerted by the gas on the rocket isA.2.5 x 107NB.5.0 x 104NC.5.0 x 102ND.2.0 x 103NE.2.0 x 105NSee the AnswerThe correct answer is B.

8. The earth is four times the size of the moon and the acceleration due to gravity on the earth is 80 times that on the moon. The ratio of the mass of the moon to that of the earth isA.1:320B.1:1280C.1:80D.1:4E.1:20See the AnswerThe correct answer is B.

9. A jet plane carrying 3,000 kg of ethane burns off all the gas forming water and carbon dioxide. If all the carbon dioxide is expelled and the water formed is condensed and kept on board the plane, then the gain in weight isA. 1,800 kgB. 900 kgC. 600 kgD. 2,400 kgE. 1,200 kgSee the AnswerThe correct answer is D.

10. A phenomenon where an element exists in different forms in the same physical state is known asA. isomerismB. morphismsC. isotropyD. allotropyE. None of the aboveSee the AnswerThe correct answer is D.

Engineering Mathematics Questions11. The number/identity of phases present at point TP isA. One (solid)B. One (liquid)C. One (gas)D. Two (solid/liquid)E. Three (solid/liquid/gas)See the AnswerThe correct answer is E.

12. An air-vapor mixture consisting of 1lbm of dry air and 0.015 lbm of vapor is at 85oF and 20 psia. Find the partial pressure of water vapor. From steam tables, the maximum partial pressure of water vapor that could be exerted at 85oF is 0.5964 psiaA. 0.15 psiaB. 0.30 psiaC. 0.4719 psiaD. 0.5964 psiaE. 0.60 psiaSee the AnswerThe correct answer is C.

13. Two walls of same thickness and cross-sectional area have thermal conductivities in the ratio 1:2. If the same temperature difference is maintained across the wall faces, the ratio of heat flow Q1/Q2 will beA. 1/2B. 1C. 2D. 4E. We do not have enough information to determine the ratio.See the AnswerThe correct answer is A.

14. An investment currently costs N28,000. If the current inflation rate is 6% and the effective annual return on investment is 10%, approximately how long will it take for the investment’s future value to reach N40,000?A. 1.8 yearsB. 2.3 yearsC. 2.6 yearsD. 3.4 yearsE. 5.4 yearsSee the AnswerThe correct answer is B.


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