GDM Group Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Updated

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Are you invited for GDM Group assessmeent? Getting GDM Group Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Update is a good way to know the tips and experiences shared by candidates who have written GDM Group Test in the past as questions may be repeated from previous exams. 

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GDM Group Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Updated

GDM Group Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Updated. This up-to-date GDM Group Past Questions and Answers, will help you with the exam format and various sample questions to expect in the computer-based test.. Solving these will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty, and ultimately, help you create your best preparation strategy and guarantee success..


GDM Group is Nigeria’s Leading Marketing & Media Technology Company. A marketing and media Technology company renowned for bespoke service offerings ranging from marketing tech solutions, big data management and 360 integrated marketing services. They walk in places where others scamper away. They seek and they find. With over a decade in the industry, they are pioneers of Marketing and Media Innovation & Technology, charting the course for the future of marketing in Nigeria and Africa.

Sample GDM Group Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Updated

  1. An average project at Sarah’s company takes 60 business days (assume 250 business days per year) with employees working a standard 40-hour work week, 5 days per week, 2000 hours per year. Each project requires a technical writer 100% of the time for half of the project and 50% of the time for the rest of the project. Assuming the projects are resource-driven and can be leveled so that writers are 100% allocated year-round, how many projects can each writer complete per year?

A. 33

B. 55

C. 33

D. 2  

  1. A company purchased computers two years ago at a cost of $875 each. The current value of a company computer is now $465. How much have the computers depreciated?

A. 42%

B. 47%

C. 53%

D. 58%  

  1. A company has 1,250 employees. The company flex-time policy allows employees to start their day at 7:00am, 8:00am, or 9:00am. Regardless of start time, everyone must be in the office between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm except for taking an hour for lunch. Everyone must work 8 hours, not including lunch. 50% of the employees start at 7am. 40% start at 8am, and 10% start at 9am. How many employees choose to start their day at 9am?

A. 125

B. 312

C. 500

D. 625  


4. XYZ Company received orders for 155 units of their best-selling product. The price to manufacturer the product is $78, and the sell price is marked up 45%. Shipping each unit is an additional $5. What is the total profit for the number of units sold?  

A. $4,665.50

B. $5,566.50

C. $5,664.50

D. $6,655.50

5. The value of a bitcoin in December was $29,380. The Value of a bitcoin increased by 85% compared to December. What is the current value of a bitcoin?  

A. $54,353

B. $24,973

C. $54,578

D. $108,235


6. John’s company advances employees for travel expenses for business trips. They provide $150 for each day John travels. John gets a free accommodation from a friend for the 2 days he travelled, and he has the following receipts for the rest of his expenses: $16.85, $45.70, $42, $20.25, $33.40, and $32.50. How much money should John have left over after paying for those expenses?  

A. $130.58

B. $190.70

C. $109.30

D. $300  


7. DEF Company sells 4 times as many black products as they do blue products. They sell 2 times as many blue products as they do white products. If they sold 15 white products, how many black products did they sell?  

A. 120

B. 150

C. 180 D.



8. John invested $1,000 US dollars in a bank account with a fixed annual interest rate of 10%. The bank manager told John that he can have a 15% rate if he deposits another $200 US dollars in the account. John is planning to use the interest from the $1,000 investment to put in the other $200. If John keeps 50% of the interest each year and leaves the other 50% in the account, how many years will it be before he has $1,200 in the account?

A. 2 years

B. 4 years

C. 6 years

D. 1 year  



Throughout history, strong leaders have been described by their traits. Therefore, leadership research has long sought to identify the personality, social, physical, or intellectual attributes that differentiate leaders from non-leaders. Trait theories of leadership focus on personal qualities and characteristics. Leadership emergence and effectiveness are often evaluated separately vis-à-vis trait studies. For personality, a comprehensive review of the leadership literature organized around the Big Five framework has found extraversion to be the most predictive trait of effective leadership. However, extraversion sometimes relates more to the way leaders emerge than to their effectiveness. Sociable and dominant people are more likely to assert themselves in group situations, which can help extraverts be identified as leaders, but effective leaders are not domineering. One study found leaders who scored remarkably high in assertiveness, a facet of extraversion, were less effective than those who were moderately high. So, although extraversion can predict effective leadership, the relationship may be due to unique facets of the trait. Unlike agreeableness and emotional stability, which seem not to predict leadership, conscientiousness, and openness to experience may predict leadership, especially leader effectiveness. For example, one recent study indicated that top management teams that were high in conscientiousness positively influenced organizational performance through their leadership. Conscientiousness and extraversion are positively related to leaders’ self-efficacy, and people are more likely to follow someone who is confident he or she is going in the right direction, allowing these leaders to emerge. In sum, leaders who like being around people and can assert themselves (extraverted), are disciplined and able to keep commitments they make (conscientious), and are creative and flexible (open) has an apparent advantage when it comes to leadership.

9. Which of the following traits do NOT predict leadership effectiveness?

A. Agreeableness

B. Emotional Stability

C. Introversion

D. All the above  


10. What does the term vis- à -vis mean, or refer to, in the first paragraph?*

A. Relating to

B. Agreeableness

C. More-or-less

D. Sameness  


11. Which trait around the leadership literature of the Big Five is believed to be most predictive of leadership?

A. Extraversion

B. Emotional stability

C. Introversion

D. Domineering  


12. Which of the following are said to be an advantage when it comes to leadership?

A. People who assert themselves

B. People who keep commitments

C. People who are flexible

D. All the above  


13. According to the text, trait theories of leadership focus on:

A. Personal qualities and characteristics

B. Intrinsic values and attributes

C. Principles and ascribed features

D. Answers A and C


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