FSB / BEA Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Update

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Updated FSB / BEA Scholarship Aptitude Tests Past Questions and answers For Graduate and Undergraduate.  This study pack contains actual & official past questions and answers from 2014 till date for Undergraduates and Postgraduates categories (Msc).

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FSB / BEA Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers - 2022 Update

FSB / BEA Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Update

This FSB / BEA Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers – 2023 Update will help you prepare faster for your best performance in the FSB/BEA Scholarship Aptitude Tests. A crucial part of your preparation is to practice previous years’ papers. This will help you understand the exam pattern, know the level of difficulty and ultimately, and help you answer questions correctly and speedily.

About FSB/BEA Scholarships

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education through the Federal Scholarship Board offers the Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Oversea Scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate, masters and doctoral students.

The BEA Awards are scholarship awards made to eligible Nigerian youths after due process by development partners who have entered into Bilateral Educational agreement with Nigeria. Nigeria equally offers reciprocal awards to citizens of the following Bilateral Education Agreement countries: China, Romania, and Cuba.

The HME usually annually invites interested and qualified Nigerians to participate in the Nomination Interview for the Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Award tenable in Russia, China, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Romania, Serbia, Japan, Ukraine, Cuba, Greece, Czech Republic, Syria, Macedonia, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia etc. Federal Ministry of Education Overseas Scholarships is for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Nigerian Students.

FSB/BEA Interview Requirements

All eligible applicants are to report for interview at the venues scheduled for their respective Zones of origin for proper identification. Two sets of the Printed, Completed application forms are usually submitted at the various interview centres with the following attachments:

  1. Two sets of Photocopies of Educational Certificates and Testimonials of previous schools attended with the originals for sighting
  2. Only ONE certificate is accepted i.e. WAEC of May/June only for undergraduate applicants
  3. Two copies of Birth certificate from National Population Commission
  4. State of Origin/LGA certificate duly signed, stamped and dated
  5. Four (4) passport sized coloured photographs on white background
  6. Academic transcripts and NYSC discharge or Exemption certificates will be required from applicants for Postgraduate Studies.

About the FSB/BEA Scholarship Aptitude Test format

FSB/BEA Past questions comprises of Maths, English, General knowledge. In the test, you will be given about 60 questions to solve in 60 minutes.

Free FSB / BEA Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers 

These questions were set in previous Federal Government Scholarship Board (FSB) Examinations.


  1. Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single discount of?

B. 32%

C. 34%

D. 35%

E. 36See the Answer

Solution: B

Let the initial amount be = $100

After discount of 20%, it becomes = $80

After further discount of 15%, it becomes = $68

So, total discount = $32

Percent discount = 32/100 × 100 = 32%

  1. Find the next number of the series.

563, 647, 479, 815, …?

A. 672

B. 386

C. 279

D. 143

E. 368See the Answer

Solution: D

The pattern followed here is:

563 + 84 × 20  = 647

647 – 84 × 21 = 479

479 + 84 × 22 = 815

∴ next term will be: 815 – 84 × 23 = 143

Hence, the answer is 143.

  1. A car travels a certain distance taking 7 hrs in forward journey. During the return journey, the speed is increased by 12km/hr and the car takes 5 hrs to reach the destination. What is the distance travelled in one way?

A. 210 kms

B. 30 kms

C. 20 kms

D. 60 kms

E. None of

Solution: A

For Forward Journey:

Speed = S kmph

Time = 7 Hrs.

Distance = D kms

Distance = (Speed) × (Time)

D = 7S ………………. (i)

For Return Journey

Speed = (S + 12) kmph

Time = 5 hrs.

Distance = D kms

Distance = (Speed) × (Time)

D = (S+12) × 5 ………………. (ii)

Distance travelled is same,

So, 7S = 5S + 60

S = 30 kmph

Distance = 30 × 7 = 210 kms

Hence Option (A)

  1. What will be the difference between the compound interest and simple interest at the rate of 5% p.a. on an amount of $4000 at the end of two years?

A. $10

B. $20

C. $30

D. Data inadequate

E. None of these 

Solution: A

Compound interest is obtained by adding the simple interest on the simple interest for first year.

So, the difference is simply the simple interest on the simple interest obtained on the sum during the first year.

Formula for simple interest, SI = P × R × T / 100


SI = simple interest

P = Principal Amount

R = Rate of interest

T = time duration in years

Simple interest for first year = 4000 × 5 × 1 / 100 = 200

∴ Simple interest on the interest = 200 × 5 × 1 / 100 = 10

  1. if a sales man gets successive gain of 15% and 20% then his actual gain?

A. 35%

B. 5%

C. 38%

D. 45%

E. None of these

Solution: C

We have Gain 1 = 15% and gain 2 = 20%.

Then to find the overall gain

We need to use the formula for successive gains as

Total gain = a + b + ab/100

Hence, total gain = 20 + 15 + 15 × 20/100

⇒ 20 + 15 + 3

⇒ 38


1. The word “debilitating” is closest in meaning to
A. Fearing knowledge
B. Incapacitating
C. Paralysis
D. Inability to recognize letters/numbers

Directions for questions:
In each of the questions given below from the given options select the word which is closest in meaning to the word given in the question the answer the correct answer is A.

A. Drunk
B. Inundate
C. Inculcate
D. Toxic

The correct answer is A.

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