Agip Undergraduate Scholarship test Past Questions- 2023 PDF Download

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This study pack contains official agip undergraduate test past questions and answers to help you pass the test one time. For Agip postgraduate scholarship past questions, Please click here [message_box title=”Discount ends in 24hours” color=”yellow”]Your pack will be delivered instantly to your email and on your teststreams account once payment is successful..[/message_box] Next Agip Undergraduate Scholarship Aptitude Test is Happening Soon!

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Agip Undergraduate Scholarship test Past Questions

Agip Undergraduate Scholarship test Past Questions Study Pack will expose you to questions that appeared in the past, administered by dragnet.

It also provides expert advice that’ll help you perform your best, and get the needed edge over other candidates.

What you should know:

  • The number of questions do change from year to year,
  • Average time is 1-minute per question.
  • Calculators are not allowed.
  • Punctuality to the test center is very important

Sample of Agip Undergraduate Scholarship test Past Questions

Instruction: Answer as many questions as you can within the allotted time. There is no negative marking
For the options lettered A-D, choose the one which best explains the meaning of the idiom/phrase in italics in
the sentence.

  1. Dowery is a burning question of the day
    (a) Relevant problem
    (b) Dying issue
    (c) An irrelevant problem
    (d) A widely debated issue
  2. When I saw him in the morning, he looked like a duck in a thunder storm
    (a) Timid
    (b) Peaceful
    (c) Distressed
    (d) Indomitable
  3. I am afraid the two brothers are at cross purposes
    (a) Quarrelling with each other
    (b) Dislike each other
    (c) Are working against each other
    (d) Are misunderstanding each other
  4. He fell ill at ease after receiving the letter from his son
    (a) Disturbed
    (b) Relieved
    (c) Embarrassed
    (d) Sick
  1. Calligraphy: Writing
    (a) Music: Song
    (b) Lyric: Poem
    (c) Drama: Prose
    (d) Chapter: Stanza
  2. Dexterous: Clumsy
    (a) Sheer: Transparent
    (b) Browse: Look
    (c) Blame: Criticize
    (d) Pessimist: Hopeful
  3. Silence: Noise
    (a) Baldness: Hair
    (b) Sing: Dance
    (c) Quit: Peace
    (d) Talk: Whisper
  4. Knowledge: Ignorance
    (a) Cure: health
    (b) Conceal: hide
    (c) Breath: suffocate
    (d) Construction: war

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