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University Village, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Plot 91, Cadastral Zone, Jabi, Abuja
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Extension
PoP Exam Question October/November 2019
Course Code: —- AEM 503
Course Title: — Diffusion and Adoption Of Innovation
Credit Unit: —-3 Units
Total Score: —-70 Marks
Time Allowed: 3 Hrs
Instruction: Answer compulsory question 1 (30 mks) and any four (4) questions (10 mks each)
Question One
 a. Define Diffusion (3 marks)
 b. What is Adoption? (3 marks)
 c. In your own understanding give two (2) differences between Diffusion and Adoption (6 marks)
d. Briefly explain the term “speed of adoption” (5 marks)
 e. Who are Opinion Leaders? (3 marks)
 f. State five (5) characteristics of Opinion Leaders (5 marks)
 g. State five (5) major functions of a change agent in a social system (5 marks)
Question Two
a. Briefly discuss four (4) characteristics of innovations (4 marks)
b. State four (4) ways compatibility as a factor influences rate of adoption (6 marks)
Question Three
a. Who is a change agent? (4 marks)
b. State six (6) major factors that can affect agricultural extension in rural areas
Question Four
a. List the four (4) processes in a sequential order involved in the adoption of an innovation (4 marks)
b. Expatiate on any three (3) processes mentioned above (in 4a) concerning the adoption of innovation (6
Question Five
a. Mention the four (4) elements of diffusion (4 marks)
b. Write short notes on (i) Rate of Adoption (3 marks)
(ii) Innovativeness (3 marks)
Question Six
a. Write short notes on any two (2) of the following:
(i) Innovators (2 marks)
(ii) Early Adopters (2 marks)
b. Explain any two (2) major consequences of innovation decisions (6 marks)
Question Seven
a. Define communication channel (4 mks)
b. Write briefly on Mass media channels and Interpersonal channels, give examples in each case (6 marks)
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